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Dec 11, 2010 01:27 PM

closures for holidays

Brasserie T....will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Thursday December 23 after lunch to Wednesday January 5 inclusively!

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  1. is garde manger going to be closed for the holidays?

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    1. re: mak2k

      toque has started recently to open for lunch $25-27 but is closed for holidays: from tomorrow reopening Friday Jan. 14 for supper

    2. Nizza closed Dec 24 to Jan.7
      Latini closed Dec. 24 to Jan. 7
      Tapeo closed Dec 31st to Jan 13
      Toqué closed Dec 24 to Jan 13

      Milos: closed Dec 25, Jan 1st
      Queue de Cheval: closed 24-25, 31st Dec, and Jan 1st
      Laloux: closed 24- 25 Dec, Jan 1st
      Lemeac: closed 25 Dec and Jan 1st
      Europea: closed 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
      Club Chasse et Peche: closed 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
      Holder: closed 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
      Graziella: 24 to 26 Dec. and Jan 1st
      Auberge St-Gabriel: closed only Dec 26
      l'Express: lunch only on Dec 24, closed on Dec 25
      Ferreira: closed 24 to 26 Dec, dinner only on 31st and Jan 1st

      Of course, it's always better to call and confirm...
      Hotel restaurants are always a sure bet (Renoir, Koko, Aix, Laurie Raphael... remain open every night)

      1. Lawrence - "closing at the end of lunch on Friday [Dec. 24] and reopening on Wednesday, the fifth of January"

        1. Gryphon d'or in NDG is closed starting noon Fri. Dec. 24, until Jan. 3.

          1. Any word on the restaurants in Chinatown 2? I know I will feel like dumplings next week....