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Dec 11, 2010 12:45 PM

Lasagna with greens help

I'm planning on making a Lasagna tonight with chard and spinach. I was planning on sauteing the greens along with some garlic, prosciutto crumbles (they sell the trimmings from LaQuercia at a good price) and red pepper flakes. Also thin layers of ricotta with nutmeg. Topped with mozzerella. I'm a little worried it will come out dry - any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. It's possible that, with no red sauce, your lasagna might be a bit dry. But when using greens, the usual problem is a lasagna that's too wet, even when the greens are pre-cooked. On balance, you should probably be fine. But still, my sense is that you really have to wring out greens to keep them from sending basically a water element into the dish which will not bind naturally with the cheese.

    That said, it might be a good idea to mix an egg or two into your ricotta. I'm no food scientist, but I think that it would probably help to give a firmer texture and maybe even manage the greens fluid a bit. There will doubtless be some more experienced voices here to confirm or dispute the idea, though. Good luck!

    1. The recipe I use calls for two cups of heavy cream, added to the greens once wilted, and cooked on low for about ten minutes (with sauteed mushrooms). I think the recipe may even be the one from Chow a few years back (Winter Greens Lasagna is the title), but that recipe lacks ricotta (if you decide to add cream to your spinach, I wouldn't use nearly as much. I think your recipe should be fine as is.

      1. Thanks to both of you. I will take the advice on wringing out the greens and the cream! I always use egg with the ricotta. I'll report back later.

        1. Most non tomato Lasagnas use a white sauce in place of the tomato sauce. Heavy cream works but is very rich and will separate if over cooked leaving you with quite a grease slick.

          1. Well, it's in the oven. Here is what I ended up doing. I sauteed onion and the prosciutto, removed it from the pan. Sauteed the chard and spinach seperately. I squeezed the moisture out of the cooked greens and mixed it with the onions, along with some half and half, red pepper flakes and a little mozz. The ricotta was most of a carton with S/P, nutmeg and 1 egg. I used the noodle you have to boil first. I drizzled a little more half and half on the layers with the greens. Topped with mozz and parm and the beast is in the oven. Smells good, so we'll see...

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              It turned out pretty good. It was hearty and warm without being overwhelming in the cream or cheese department. I will make this again, but up the amount of greens (I used about a pound each of chard and spinach in a 9 by 9 lasagna). Thanks for the advice.