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Dec 11, 2010 12:01 PM

Coffee Bowls in Toronto

I'm looking for (what I think of) as a classic French coffee bowl -- ridged sides to help hold the bowl with the heat, and trimmed around the top in dark red, or blue....

Such as pictured here:

The ones I have are on their last legs, all chipped etc, and it's time to replace.

Has anyone spotted these exact bowls at any store in Toronto?

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  1. I realize its the traditional way and I love the look of these bowls but find them very uncomfortable to actually drink out of. because of the heat. In fact if I see it served in this fashion, I will most often order something else. Am I the only one with this problem?

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      Williams-Sonoma has a white one with the ridges on their website but i don't know if the Toronto store carries them. Perhaps if you get white ones you can paint your own stripe on with ceramic paint? And yes, millygirl, you are not the only one cradling your cafe au lait bowl in a pair of oven mitts. I got my bowls in a patisserie in Montreal, handpainted, but sans ridges.

      1. re: mayaishi

        Oh, see the secret with this exact shape of bowl is that (a) the ridges help diffuse the heat; and (b) your hand doesn't actually touch the bowl, per se. Instead, your thumb goes on the top ridge, which is not hot, and a few of your fingertips go on the bottom footed ridge of the bowl, which is not hot either, and then to sip you raise it to your mouth and just kinda tilt your wrist towards you a bit... it's hard to explain, I'd have to have the equipment to make a video lol. But anyway, though the coffee is nice and piping hot, there are lots of "cool" spots on the bowl, and those are the ones you handle -- you never hold it by its sides.

        1. re: rlinnington

          Interesting....thanks for the tip. I must take another look!

    2. If you aren't particular about the exact same colours, I am quite sure I saw them (or something very similar to them) at Anthropologie. You could also try Nella or Calphalon, both on Bathurst.