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Dec 11, 2010 11:32 AM

Clarified Butter

The DH just came home from the Restaurant Depot with A 5lb container of clarified Plugra. Aside from frying and Potatoes Anna, what are the other uses for clarified butter? Can you bake with it? Most of it will be frozen in manageable portions, but I would like to find ways to use it!

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  1. Don't bake, so can't help ya there. But it's just fantastic for pan-frying anything, or sautéing at higher temps (think mushrooms, for example).

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    1. re: linguafood

      Yup. That I know. And Potatoes Anna. Yum.

    2. it's great for sauteing, not just frying. and you can use it in any baking recipe that doesn't require the butter to be creamed with other ingredients...
      - use it to brush phyllo for baklava or any other pastry
      - make a genoise
      - make madeleines
      - make these Mexican wedding cookies:

      - use it for dipping steamed or broiled lobster or crab legs
      - and of course, cook it longer to deepen the flavor, then get out your Indian cookbooks and go to it!

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        Baklava works best with clarified butter, and you will certainly use up a fair bit! Also good for Indian cooking (as ghee).

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          Ghee is slightly different from clarified butter. It's basically the same process, but the milk solids are allowed to caramelize, giving ghee a nuttier flavor than straight CB, where the butter is just melted to allow separation.

      2. Hollandaise sauce and its derivatives