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Dec 11, 2010 11:06 AM

Does Polish sausage come home in your luggage? What foods do?

My mother used to pack Polish Sausage from Elizabeth, New Jersey in her suitcase when flying home from her annual visit to her mother's. There was nothing available in Columbus, Ohio, where we lived that compared with that sausage from NJ.

That was in the 60's, and my mother was a modern career woman, though the picture of a woman with sausage in her luggage brings up an entirely different image in our heads, doesn't it?

Now my 20 year old son, who flies up to Chicagoland every summer and winter to stay with his dad for a few weeks brings home sausages in HIS luggage from Lange's Meat Market in Michigan City, IN. We live in Georgia now, and don't get good smoked meats often. He brings a couple kinds of dry sticks of salami, some Polish, some jerky....

Last time he came home and opened the suitcase in the living room, and all those smells came wafting out, it reminded me of my mother's treats - I had totally forgotten about her tradition until that moment. It's nice that family traditions live on...

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  1. Fun post! I brought bratwurst home in my luggage when I flew home from Wisconsin. They were the beer, butter 'n onion variety from Miesfeld's and THEY ARE EXCELLENT!
    They wrapped 'em up (frozen) in newspaper for me and they didn't even thaw...this was back in September.

    I hadn't flown in a while and totally spaced on not being able to carry wine in your, luckily, I had gone the wrong way and not checked my bag yet. I used my computer case as a cushion and brought home two bottles of ale--one cherry, one raspberry--and am happy to report, they made it safely to Connecticut in my luggage...and the cherry was quite delish!

    I like your family tradition. :)

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      katty, there is something about the thought of beer, butter 'n onion brats that makes me want to order some RIGHT NOW. Thanks for the link!

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        My pleasure--hope you love them as much as I do! :)

    2. Maldive Fish from Sri Lanka.

      1. Powdered fish stock and powdered porcini mushroom stock from Italy.

        Purity Hard Bread biscuits from Newfoundland (for fish and brewis and if you have to ask you wouldn't like it anyway).

        The meat pies from downstairs at The Bay at Yonge and Queen in Toronto...same recipe as when they were Eaton's and simply unreproduceable (I know: I've been trying for 15 years)

        Cadbury Fruit and Nut chocolate bars from the UK-they just aren't the same anywhere else.

        1. Oh good grief! What DON'T I bring home??? Certainly two dozen bagels from NYC. Oh yeah, a couple of pounds of the "hunter" sausage from DiPalos along with some Umbrian lentils that I just love (I have now found these in SF). When in SF I've brought back sweetbreads, pork belly, duck fat, flying fish roe. Oops, almost forgot about the venison chorizo from DC. Oh, and the pig jowl rillettes (?sp). And, of course, cachaca from Brazil. Whether I travel near or far, I'm ALWAYS bringing home food :)

          1. If we went to Chicago, you're damn right I'd pack some Polish! As it is, our one mutual annual journey takes us to Tennessee and Kentucky every October, and smoked dry-cured pork products share return space with the socks and underwear. I've lightened up a bit lately, not for instance including Southern-specialty jams and jellies, and I no longer pack a loaf of Bread & Co's Pane Bello, since I've found a La Brea loaf that's nearly as good. No more White Lily flour, either, now that Smucker's has gone and screwed it up … I've also been ordering a lot of cured pig online, too, so now it comes in its own carry-on!

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              Oh, WO, I forgot that we used to carry on Vidalia onions in season when we would visit Atlanta. But now, of course, we can get them everywhere (just not all the time). BTW, fixing your roast for a party Tuesday - two years now!