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Chipp Pizza

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Just checked this place out. One of the best pies in town. Ocean Ave. and Ave. Z.

2971 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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  1. Pound for pound, their pies might be the most expensive in the city. Fifteen bucks for a pie that was less than three Di Fara slices. The pizza box was so light, I thought it was empty. I mean it. I didn't write that last line for comic effect.

    I took my pizza to go, and when I finally ate it, about 10 minutes later, the pie was very cold. So I can't vouch for flavor, other than that this pizza must be eaten immediately. Very difficult area to find parking. I predict that Chipp's wont see 2012.

    2971 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

    1. I tried it a couple of weeks ago. I was not overly impressed. I did like the sauce. The sauce flavor really tasted bright. Beyond that, I found few notable qualities and the total of the components did not transcend what they were. I do love pizza and finished the whole pie. So, it was not bad. One thought I had was if they were busy, and the oven was humming, things could be different? I was one of two customers at the time.

      1. I dunno, there's a pretty crazy dearth of this sort of thing in Sheepshead Bay, and I actually liked their Margherita DOC better than Motorino's... I'm also a big believer that you should always eat Neapolitan pies in....

        1. Do they do slices or only whole pies?

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            Can you get just one slice at this place?

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              No. They just make pies here. As Naked Duck said above, their pies a comparable to Motorino's. You can have 12"or 6", A good selection of toppings, a little expensive, they have wine and beer.

              319 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

          2. It's out of business

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              Told ya! (see my prediction a few posts above). The place was pretentious and sucked.