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Comments about Play/Beckta in Ottawa?

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I`m thinking about buying a Beckta gift card for some friends and am wondering what people think of it, particularly Play the `small plates` restaurant. Any comments?

226 Nepean St, Ottawa, ON K2P0B8, CA

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  1. If your friends are oenophiles, Play would be a good choice. A great eclectic rotating wine list-actually beating out many in Toronto. Solid small plates at reasonable prices. An excellent wine bar overall.


    1. I went to Beckta a few years ago for a friends birthday and was blown away - more so than a dinner at Canoe a few weeks earlier. The wine pairings were wonderful and I think added to the experience. And the food was excellent, but the service was astounding.

      Last year we went to Play, which was also top notch. If I recall we didn't really share stuff though - we just all ordered our own things but the portions were certainly adequate - probably just the right amount of food. So I guess it depends on what atmosphere they would prefer.

      226 Nepean St, Ottawa, ON K2P0B8, CA

      1. Thanks for your comments. It looks like I will go with the gift card!