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Dec 11, 2010 10:23 AM

Ukranian Sausage YYC?

Where can you buy good ukranian sausage in Calgary?? Thx.

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  1. Safeway sells Stawnichys sausage, its rather expensive there but its as Ukranian as you can get! The sauage is made in Mundare AB....where the towns claim to fame is their *HUGE* erect sausage...teehee...

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    1. re: cdn

      It is good, but what I really crave is from Edmonton....

    2. Polcan, has a fine version, hardly touch the Stawnich in the freezer from the last Mundare run since I started going there.

      339 Heritage Dr Se
      Calgary AB, T2H 1M8

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      1. re: bluther2

        Wandered into Polcan this Friday and took home the house Polish sausage and a smoked, uncooked, spicy sausage. The Polish is very nice, great texture without being over-processed, a hint of pepper and nice consistent garlic base. The girl at the meat counter said that the spicy sausage could be eaten raw, but I've been cutting it in chunks, then lengthwise and then giving it a nice hot sear in a grill-pan. They where quite busy so I didn't take a bunch of time to find out about all of their various offerings, but everything looked good, and the coils of sausage and hanging sides of bacon that where being wheeled out of the back room suggest that a lot is made on site.

        I'd be curious to know if they, or someone else in the city, makes a really fine (almost bologna texture) Kielbasa?

      2. Polcan is great, but my favorite is Heritage Deli on 17th Ave and 37th St southwest.

        But I think it's definately between them and Polcan for the best in Calgary!!

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          Thanks all! Time do to a taste test...

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            OK, this is related. I wonder if anyone knows where I can find Hungarian garlic sausage. This is usually fresh, and is not smoked. Any information would be great.