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Dec 11, 2010 09:59 AM

Swedish Meatballs

Does anyone know of a Scandinavian Resturant in the Dallas area? Please don't say Ikea.

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  1. lol I was totally gonna say Ikea. Anyway there's Wooden Spoon in Plano, haven't been there, but they have meatballs according to their website. It's a store though, not a restaurant.

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      Thanks. I've been there. It is mainly a store. I'm looking for a restaurant with all types of Scandinavian foods, mainly Swedish. My husband is from the Swedish speaking area of Finland, and I'd really like to take him out to eat Swedish, instead of me attempting to make it myself all the time. We have been to Ikea and stocked up on some of the same things he can get back home.

    2. Reup/Repost... To include more than just meatballs. Also expanded to all of D/FW area - north and south, east and west