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Dec 11, 2010 09:57 AM

Xmas provisions - where can I find...

I'm searching for two things:

1) A really good tourtiere for Christmas Eve, preferably downtown or near a metro station (no car, me!) Anyone have any recommendations or favourites? I don't know much about tourtiere, so not sure what to look for, but I'm up for any kind of game or meat.

2) A christmas pudding. I normally steam my own, but I've left it too late this year. Is this available anywhere in Montreal? I only need a small one. I tried Ogilvy, thinking that their tartan branding meant shortbread and puddings, but alas no food shop.

I'd be grateful for any pointers on either or both. Thanks, Montrealers!

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  1. For the tourtiere, try any Premiere Moisson location. They're good, but nothing out of the ordinary. For the pudding, maybe try giving The Bramble House a call? I've actually never been, here's the link to their site that may help:
    Hope you find what you"re looking for!

    Premiere Moisson
    3025 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC H3J, CA

    1. I saw a Christmas pudding at the Bay downtown, up in their food section on the 7th floor. There seemed to be only one brand though, and not many of them!

      1. Saw pudding at Quicaillerie Hogg as well as Holt Renfrew. They also had some at Fouvrac on Laurier 2 weeks ago

        1. Grant's Bakery in Huntingdon, Quebec makes a plum pudding and fruitcake for xmas. Some Lions club's sells it (possibly only the fruitcake), but it might be tough to find in the city.

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            Thanks everyone! Great suggestions - I'll try the Bay (and would never have thought of Holt Renfrew!)

          2. lots of tourtiere options at marche atwater (and probably also at JTM)