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Dec 11, 2010 09:35 AM

La Provence

Anyone know specifics about La Provence, I see references to its past success, is it still worth the drive? Any reviews?

La Provence
25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

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  1. Stay tuned. I have reservations tonight. Our last ime was about 3 years ago, before the change, and it was just OK, which was disappointing. It is a great site.

    1. The short answer, I think it's worth the drive.

      It still has the great ambiance and the service was good, but not excellent. The crowd was older and probably 75% of the men had coats, and many with neck ties.

      After some waffleing my wife and I chose all apps and our guests went the usual app and entree.

      For apps the escargot was good but very light flavored, not what one usually gets, that is long on the butter and garlic. These were butter and light herbs. The crab bisque was ordered to try a bisque with tapioca in it. While it was an interesting experiment we didn't think it added anything to a decent but not overwhelming crab bisque. The goat cheese salad was outstanding. Breaded balls of a light goat cheese with fresh greens, tomatoes and beets and a wonderful dressing that brought it all together. My wife generally dislikes goat cheese but sampled this one and was pleased. The only other goat cheese she liked was a similar tasting local made cheese and both might have been from the same Northshore supplier. My wifes app was grilled oysters, and again they were not what you expect being used to the Drago's version. These had a very light butter herb coating and were passed under the broiler so that they were warm but not cooked.

      For seconds we both had butternut squash raviolli which was the best ravilloli dish I've had in a while. Good pasta but also haveing a filling that stands up to a mouthful of pasta but is not overwhelming.

      For entrees our guests had a filet that was perfectly done, tasty and tender, and a sauted flounder with light breading and crabmeat. We all agreed that the flounder was the smash hit of the evening. I finshed with the butter lettuce salad which was a filling plate of very fresh butter lettuce leaves. However, the dressing just about topped out my garlic tolerance meter and I'm glad it was my last dish as the garlic stuck around a while. Now everyone else at the table love garlicd so they thought the dish was great.

      We finished up with very good french press coffee.

      Overall, I'm ready to go again. One note, the menu on the website is not exactly the same as what is offered although there is some overlap, and there were no specials Saturday night. That is probably a first for me where some places have a list of specials that come close to matching thier menu.

      While I gave the place 3 stars I rally think 3.5 is fair.

      La Provence
      25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

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        Thanks for the great review! We'll probably end up visiting MiLa instead this weekend, but I'll most definitely be keeping La Provence in my back pocket for a special occasion. :)

        La Provence
        25020 Highway 190, Lacombe, LA 70445

        1. re: collardman

          May I be curious as to what entrees you and your wife ordered?

          1. re: cajungirl

            We ate all apps. Our guests had the steak and flounder, both very good dishes.

          2. re: collardman

            do they still serve the pate spread w/ toasted brioche or such to each table?

            1. re: kibbles

              Yes,the pate is still served. I gave it a good while everyone else gave it a very good. Our guests are big pate eaters and my wife likes the lighter pates, of which this was one. I tend toward the pates with more of a forward flavor.

              I can't tell you anything about the wine list. I was driving so just had one glass of pinot gris. The others perused the wine list and ordered I think a Perrin red.

          3. The pate was very good. Lovely building, fabulous bartender, nice pigs!

            But our food came out immediately after we ordered it. I mean, immediately. Warm, limp lettuce means that it's been sitting there in the window.

            There were only 2 other tables in the restaurant, by the way.

            Then the waitress comes to ask if we're done with our appetizers. Not quite yet. One more bite. Ok, we're done. She removes appetizers with one hand, puts down entrees with other. Sooo, how long was that entree waiting to be sold?

            Seriously, my husband and I usually get through at least 1 bottle of wine, sometimes 2, in a meal. We managed to finish half by the time we were through with our meals. The drive over took us longer than the length of the meal.

            What's the rush?