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Dec 11, 2010 08:55 AM

Wine Shop near Madison & 28th?

In a couple of weeks we're staying on Madison between 27th and 28th and looking for a place nearby to pick up some reasonably priced wine. By "reasonably priced" my local context is a bottle of La Crema costs a little under $20.

I know that price point is unlikely to happen in NYC but would like to be as cost efficient as possible without grabbing a cab or train.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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  1. McAdam Buy Rite along 3rd Ave and between 27th and 28th. They deliver, too.

    If you know what you need and can rely on wine stores websites to pick your wines, plus if you're going to spend beyond a certain amount, say $75 in total, you might be surprised to find wine stores in Manhattan to carry a lot of good stuff that's very competitively-priced when compared elsewhere in the country.
    Astor wines in the East Village and Union Square Wines (close to here you'll be staying at) are also good wine sources.

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        Also, there's Vino on 27th between Lexington and Park. Mostly Italian. Owned, I think, by the same people who own I Trulli restaurant and wine bar across the street.

        I Trulli
        122 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

        1. re: emsny

          +1 for Vino. Highly recommended. It is in fact owned by the same owners as I Trulli. In fact, they have deals where you can buy wine at Vino and have it with a meal at I Trulli with no corkage fee. And vice versa, you can try a wine at I Trulli and get a discount on a bottle at Vino.

          Many of their wines are pricey, but you can find good wines in the $20 price range as well. Their staff are great (esp. Scott) and if you give them your budget and your interests then they can point you towards a great wine that fits your needs.

          I Trulli
          122 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016

    1. In addition to the other suggestions:

      Moore Brothers on E. 20th
      Bottlerocket isn't too far away.
      Eataly has a wine shop.
      Trader Joe's is on 14th.

      Trader Joe's
      142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

      Moore Brothers
      33 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

      5 W 19th St, New York, NY 10011

      200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

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      1. re: sugartoof

        Second Moore Brothers for some excellent values.

        Moore Brothers
        33 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

      2. All good suggestions, so far.
        Just in case you'll want several options from which to choose, as you may be returning from your day's adventures from different points around town... your options within a 10 block zone are:

        The Wine Shop (345 Lexington Ave, b/n 39th & 40th)
        Winfield-Flynn (558 3rd Ave, b/n 36th & 37th)
        Murray Hill Wines (516 3rd Ave, b/n 34th & 35th)
        Quality House Wines & Spirits (2 Park Ave, b/n 32nd & 33rd)
        Windsor Court Wine Shop (474 3rd Ave, b/n 32nd & 33rd)
        America's Wine Shop/ McAdams (398 3rd Ave, b/n 28th & 29th)
        Vino Italian Wine & Spirits (121 E 27th St, b/n Lexington Ave & Park Ave)
        111 Lex Liquors (111 Lexington Ave, b/n 27th St. & 28th St.)
        Wine Heaven (333 3rd @ 25th St.)
        Welcome Wines & Spirits (424 2nd Ave, b/n 24th St. & 25th St.)
        Gramercy Park Wines & Spirits (104 E 23rd St, b/n Park Ave & Lexington Ave)
        Eataly Wine Shop (200 5th Ave, b/n 23rd & 24th)
        Moore Brothers Wine Company (33 E 20th St, b/n Broadway & Park Ave.)
        Gramercy Wine Cellars (236 3rd Ave, b/n 18th St. & 19th St.)

        1. Thanks to all for the great suggestions. We will definitely be using them.

          1. Vino's the best in the neighborhood... but Kessler's is literally at Madison and 28th and they have a standard selection of reasonably priced neighborhood liquor store choices.