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Peking Duck House on Xmas

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I'm planning to take my wife and 11-year-old son to the Peking Duck House in Chinatown for Xmas dinner. They don't take reservations apparently unless your entire party commits to ordering the $38 Special House Dinner, which seems like a bit of a waste since it's way too much food (and money) for the three of us -- and the consensus on this board seems to be that the Peking Duck is really pretty much the only way to go at this place. So what I'm wondering is, how many ducks should I order for the three of us (me having a healthy appetite but my wife and young son not being particularly huge eaters)? And is there anything else at all worth ordering on the menu (I'm thinking spring rolls, dumplings and/or fried calamari)? And finally, what sort of wait should we expect if we show up at 5 or 5:30 on Christmas Day?

Peking Duck House
28 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

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  1. I think one would be enough: duck has a very strong taste, and it is sometimes used in smaller quantities to add flavor to to other dishes, and as such, it is fairly inexpensive. But I'd suggest you try other entrees, not just appetizers. The idea of a good Chinese meal is to have a little bit of everything. Enjoy!

    1. I used to occasionally pop into PDH and order a duck and a coke just for myself. It's not hard for a hungry fellow to polish one off if you skip the sides. If you include some dumplings, shrimp fried rice (ask for the jumbos) and another entree though I'm sure one would be enough for everyone.

      1. Hven't been there for a while but, for their Peking Duck dish, the waiters./chef come by your table and slice off meat and skin from the duck. The meat and the skin are then placed into pancakes which are rolled and then served at your table. After that, they take the carcass to the back (and I never knew what they did to it but I thought maybe it's used in other dishes and the bones were used to make the soup stock, which made their wonton soup very delivious!!) and you don't see it again. The pancake rolls (pancakes+ duck meat+duck skin + cucumber + hoisin sauce) are pretty filling (the duck is quite fatty and the pancake fills you up) so your family members might end up getting full just from that. While you are there, it doesn't hurt to order some entrees though, you can always take the leftover home.

        As to the entrees, I remember the following were pretty good: Grand Marnier Prawns and Rack of Lamb Peking Style. Like you have mentioned, the $38 House Special Dinner, which comes with soup and appetizers, is a lot of money and a lot of food. I have ordered it before and I remember after the soup and the appetizers (and before the duck and the entrees).. I was already full! So I think you are better off getting 1 duck + 1 or 2 entrees but be prepared to take home some leftovers if your son and wife are not big eaters.

        I hope you will enjoy your visit to the Peking Duck House.. Please let us know how you like it.
        If you discover any good dishes, please let us know too. I am planning to take my brother and his family there when they visit NY next time!

        Peking Duck House
        28 Mott St, New York, NY 10013