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Dec 11, 2010 08:36 AM


I have been asked to do a crab cake (1-2 bite) hors d'oeuvre for a very particular client - no crumbs!

I cannot use mini pitas as a base because theyare being used for another utem at the same cocktail party.

I need ideas for a base that woin't crumble (too much) as well as a new recipe - I am finding mine quite bland and the topping boring. Am thinking about an aioli or a Thai Sweet chili-based mayo.

Any ideas will be appreciated.


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  1. You could make a cracker recipe & cut them out to whatever size/thickness you need as the base for the crabcakes. These are really good but there are others:

    There are a few crabcake recipes on the same site you might be interested in:

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      These sound fabulous - thank you so much

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        What about a heavily seeded cracker? I've been snacking on some sesame and flax seed crackers lately, they've got a lovely nutty flavor that I think would go well with crab.

      2. For a base, what about little pieces of romaine or endive? That would prevent crumbs and grease and would add a nice crunch.

        I LOVE this crabcake recipe;

        1 lb lumb crab
        1/3 lb rock shrimp
        8 oz half and half
        ¾ bunch scallions
        2 eggs
        1 TB mustard
        1 TB worchestershire
        1 TB salt
        2 cloves garlic
        1 cup breadcrumbs
        pepper, hot sauce

        Everything but the crab, shrimp and breadcrumbs gets really well blended together in a blender or food processor, then add the shrimp and blend gently, pour into a bowl, hand-mix together with crabmeat and enough breadcrumbs to make it come together, then bread (or coat with a light dusting of flour) and chill for 4 hours, then gently fry in Evoo.

        1. Ina Garten's recipe from Barefoot in Paris is quite good and available on epicurious. There are crumbs, but they're on the inside....

          1. How about just regular Maryland style crab cakes. You can make them any size you want. Follow the instructions on the "Old Bay can. You can't go wrong.

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              I was going to suggest this, too. I use this recipe for family parties and the crumb issue is eliminated because there are no crumbs called for in the recipe: it is pure crab. Recipe is on the side of the big "Old Bay" tin.

              Now, the lack of extenders may reduce crumbs but it does make the dish considerably more expensive which may a factor in catering.

              1. re: LJS

                good point LJS. I guess it depends on how many they need to feed. A pound of lump crab will yield four nice size crab cakes. Sometimes I stretch it to get six or so. I think you could get maybe 20-24 mini crab cakes out of a pound. Who am I kidding, I'd eat half before they were served.

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                  Might be worth it though if the client is happy - - -

                  1. re: missclawdy

                    very true missclawdy....a happy client is a repeat client. And never ever skimp when it comes to crabcakes....never buy claw meat....only lump crab will do

              2. Use Japanese rice crackers or Chinese shrimp chips (the multi-colored kind) as a base.

                As to the crab cakes themselves, add a bit of Sriracha and horseradish (or wasabi) powder to you standard crab cake recipe.

                Good luck.