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Dec 11, 2010 08:26 AM

Anyone tried Brawn in Columbia Road yet? [London]

Curious to know how it compares to Terriors (from the same team) which we thought was utterly fabulous!

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  1. not so well according to some

    I'm going to try it this weekend - I live just around the corner so am really wanting it to be great!

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      A lot of the comments are disagreeing strongly. I have to say I am doubting the review somewhat. (1) I love Terroirs and refuse to believe this place could be so much worse (2) So much of the menu is uncooked/pre-prepared I think the criticism is too harsh (though that potato doesn't look great) (3) I've had some fantastic well-priced wines at Terroirs.

      Already booked in for St John B and W this weekend, otherwise I wanted to try this place out. Think it'll be a priority post-xmas.