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Dec 11, 2010 08:19 AM

"it." (Lodi chardonnay in a 3 litre wine box) at Costco?

(I posted this question a week or so ago on the Wine board with no response, so I thought I'd try here)

Has anyone tried this?

It was around $16 for the 3lt box.

A friend is looking for some inexpensive party wines and shortly after I saw this at Costco, but haven't found any tasting notes about it.

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  1. Depending on where you're located, Costco has some pretty good deals on wines. Just saw Kim Crawford Sav Blanc and Acacia Carneros Pinot Noir for $10+/-, both excellent and affordable.

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    1. re: cstr

      Thanks for your reply!

      The wines you've listed are quite a bit more than the $4 per 750ml bottle the box wine would work out to. The next step up/known quantity for me at this Costco is a two pack of 750ml bottles of Meridian Chardonnay for ~$11. I was thinking the box wine option would be handy for the party setting IF the wine is decent.

      I'm located in Northern California and have never seen Acacia's Carneros Pinot Noir for anywhere around the $10 price point, but will definitely keep an eye out.

      1. re: souvenir

        Meridian is an OK inexpensive Chard, great for a party. $5.50 a bottle is the average price for it. I have not had any box wines, so can't help you out there. I'll tell you, Whole Foods has some great very inexpensive wines when you walk in the front door of the store. Like $4.95 a bottle, both reds and whites. I haven't had a bad bottle yet and now buy them by the case for our everyday wine.

        1. re: souvenir

          Costco's buyers do a lot of research before choosing what to sell.

          I would buy it but did not see any boxed in my store yesterday.

          Because it is boxed, there is no problem opening and tasting it now. The bag in the box keeps it from aerating. It can always be returned.

          1. re: souvenir

            I'm in So CA so you may get lucky in No. CA. I've also found that some of their 1.75 bottles are a great value, may be a nice upgrade from the 'box' which tends to get a bad rap..

        2. The wine is wonderful
          here is a link to the tasting note

          I hope this helps

          1. You might also want to check out Target's Wine Cube Sauvingnon Blanc, $17.99 for a 3L carton. (Sometimes on sale for $15.99). It's become our house white.