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Dec 11, 2010 07:12 AM

Retirement lunch options???

I'm trying to come up with ideas on where to have a retirement lunch for a colleague next May (2011). I expect the group to be about 30-40 people. I would like something within easy driving distance from Scarborough and with ample parking....which I think excludes most of Downtown. I've been to the Duncan House and while acceptable would like other options. I'm also considering the School of Fine Dining in Unionville. I would've opted for something more ethnic/cultural but I think for such a large group it's better to go with classical/Canadian fare. A private room would be a bonus but isn't a must have. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. We went to The School last March and thought it was much superior to the Duncan House.

    1. The rooms might be a bit too big for your group but, if not, Scarborough Golf Club could be an option. Right in Scarborough, lots of parking. Decent, but not great, food.

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        Thanks for the tip. I suspect I'm the only foodie in the group so food probably only needs to be passable although ideally I get great food, great scenery/atmosphere and a great deal.....not going to happen, I know. We went to Glow for Christmas lunch today....better than I expected considering I really dislike Pickle Barrel food......I did go safe with the philly steak sandwich.