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Dec 11, 2010 06:52 AM

need to buy 8 cases of good wine- where to buy in bulk?? (beaverton or Portland)

I live in beaverton but will drive to PDX
basically looking for a large wine outlet any help would be great

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  1. I would go to Vinopolis. Their prices are great to begin with, they discount cases, and I am sure for 8 cases they would work with you on price. They are really knowledgeable and helpful and have great wines, too.


    They on SW Washington near 10th downtown (around the corner from Kenny&Zukes/Ace Hotel/Clyde Common).

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      thanks- I went to vinopolis- i am very happy

      1. re: bkeater

        Glad to help and that you are happy. I think it is an underrated wine shop here.

        1. re: JillO

          I love Vinopolis. I am in there way too much.

    2. Costco might also fit the bill. They've actually got a pretty good selection nowadays....

      1. You could try John @ tannique.com. He works with restaurants and individuals, and he has great prices

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          1. http://www.badgirlwines.com/
            I enjoyed the class I took with Erin and the wines I've bought form her.