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Has Anyone Seen Prime Rib Roast at Costco?

I know in the past posts there were discussions on USDA Prime rib roast at Costco. Has anyone seen any recently at their local Costco?

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  1. They had several packages at the SFO location today 12/10, along w/ rib eye & NY steaks.

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      Thanks Baron! I'll stop by my neighborhood Costco to check it out.

    2. I saw 3-4 roasts wrapped and ready at the Richmond Costco. I didn't look at the weight but it looked like 5-6 rib bones for $70.

      I did look at the prime NY strip and rib eye steaks...$13.99/lb. Still a very good value but not the $9.99/lb it was 2 years ago.

      1. They had it yesterday at the Danville location.

        1. I have seen Prime Rib Roast in the past at Costco. I do know you can order it from them. I have done that in the past. So tell them when you want it and how many ribs and I am sure they will meet your requirements.

          1. I bought one of the big vacuum packed bone-in prime rib roasts at costco in San Leandro a few weeks ago for Thanksgiving. It was about 20 pounds for I think 5.99 a pound. I cut it into thirds and froze about 2/3rds of it with a vacuum sealer. For some reason the vacuum packed ones are quite a bit cheaper than the ones that are in the styrofoam, which I think were 7.99 a pound or something.

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              The big vacuum packed rib roasts are untrimmed, which is part of the reason why they're cheaper. They're especially a great value if you're dry-aging.

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                Ah I see, thanks for the explanation. They did seem a little bit fattier on the outside.

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                There's also a difference between "prime rib" (which is a cut of meat) and "USDA prime" rib (which refers to a piece of prime rib that is graded "prime" -- I think that's what the original poster was looking for). Costco sometimes carries both.

                1. re: Ruth Lafler

                  I looked at the SF Costco last night and saw only choice grade.

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                    Yes, I said "sometimes." Like their other prime cuts, look for the blue trays.

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                      I called the SF Costco yesterday morning and they said they probably would not get prime grade bone-in prime rib eye until Sunday at the earliest.. but would most likely get it for the Holidays. You can't pre-order...(I asked)

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                      I was at Novato Costco yesterday afternoon and they had both choice and prime grade prime rib.

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                        Oh, in that case the one I bought was definitely usda choice. Will have to keep an eye out for the usda prime rib roasts next time I'm cooking prime rib.

                    3. Redwood City Costco has prime grade standing rib roasts for $12.99 per pound. Boneless for $13.99.

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                        We must of just missed each other. Since you saw what I did. I think if given a choice I will take it with bones.

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                          My sister claims that the prime prime rib I got from COSTCO a couple of years ago had a taste of cardboard. The rest of us thought it was great, but I'm scared to buy it this year.

                          I ended up making a wonderful pork roast I bought at Molly Stones which I happened upon when I went there to buy finnen haddie. I do long for the prime rib, though.