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Dec 10, 2010 06:20 PM

How do you reheat corned beef brisket?

Hey all. I love making corned beef at home, both from the bag and from scratch, but one thing I can't figure out is how to reheat it properly. When you get it at a deli, either in sandwich form or plated with cabbage and potatoes, it's always super moist, bright pink, and full of all its original flavor.

When I cook it at home, it's only like that straight out the pot. On subsequent days, when I heat it up in the microwave, it turns almost into a roast- a dark brown, dried out mess.

How do they do it?

Oh yeah, one caveat- I need a relatively quick method, as I prep this for lunch. Re boiling for 30 minutes ain't an option! :)

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  1. If you must reheat it in the microwave, cover it tightly with plastic wrap and cook it at 50% power for about one minute. Lift the wrap (careful, you'll probably find hot steam trapped inside and if you hand occupies the same area where the steam is escaping you'll end up with a burn from another world) and check it to determine if it's warm enough for you. If not, reseal the container and rotate it 180 degrees and run it through another cycle (30 - 60 seconds) and check again. Adding a half teaspoon of water before putting it into the microwave is insurance against it's drying out. If it's drying out in the microwave you are either failing to cover it or cooking it much too long.

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      Wow, I just tried saran wrap and water- worked like a charm- thanks!!!!

    2. You could try steaming it.