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Dec 10, 2010 05:08 PM

Four Coursemen..I like it!

It is on Food Network-Basically the show is a source to table cooking show,and I really like it. It is 4 young people (college aged) who cook together for house meals weekly. Don't know if it is on ongoing series, I basically just stumbled on it.
I may be biased as the episode I am watching features an area very near where I grew up, Ossabaw Island, GA. They source a type of pig that has lived there for a couple hundred years on this island (I have to say, I grew up two islands down and never heard of this pig...but we also had wild pigs on our island).
So it is great to see the very special beautiful place I grew up showcased on tv, and I think it is an interesting cooking show. Any one else seen it? thoughts?

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  1. i like this show too! i think one or two of the people on it may be a little uppity, but in general i really like the concept of the show, its actually DIFFERENT than other shows on foodnetwork/cooking channel which i really appreciate. plus, nancy is pretty cute which doesnt hurt either

    1. I just wonder how this show will progress if the 4CM are limited to local ingredients found in Athens, GA? Sort of confines how dynamic the dinners and TV show can be, doesn't it?

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        from what i have read about the group itself, they have been doing this for quite a while without ever repeating a dish at a weekly dinner. also, i dont know exactly how "local" they go, it seemed like they traveled all around the state seeking out ingredients on the first episode, and the state of Georgia gives them a pretty solid selection all year round. they certainly shouldnt be hurting for very many farm products!

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          well, Ga is pretty diverse, has a very long growing season, and fish, fowl and meat, so I'm thinking they culd sustain it for quite awhile.

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            I read they plan to travel around the country meeting growers and cooking.


          2. I got to wonder how close you watched since there are six of them not
            I loved it and would love to see it as a series. I didn't get the uppity vibe....just the food geek vibe :)

            1. That was a great episode. I wish it becomes a series..