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Dec 10, 2010 04:37 PM

Christmas dinner to go options?

Last year we got a fantastic "Christmas dinner to go" meal from Murphy's in Va-Hi. - it had a turkey breast, soup, salad, dressing, gravy and dessert. The dressing was so good that we had to go back on Christmas day and get another pan of it! But this year they changed up the menu to ham and potatoes au gratin instead of turkey and dressing, and we are a turkey and dressing family.

Does anyone have suggestions for other restaurants or caterers offering a "Christmas to go" option?

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  1. I don't know about Christmas, but you might call some of these places who do Thanksgiving to inquire. I would start with "Our Picks":

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      Yes I was thinking of Alon's, which is on the AJC list you suggested.

      1. re: jboeke

        Alon's is perfect - can't believe I forgot it since it is very close to me, thanks for the reminder!