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Dec 10, 2010 04:03 PM

Red Medicine / Arty-Gourmet

We've been waiting for this one to open, went last night, ate most of the menu,
dissapointed the food lacked spice, soul and was so "high brow/French Laundry"
in execution. Chef is certainly talented, we just hoped the flavours would be bolder
and no so damn sweet! Portions were not generous and prices are high for Asian fare,
which we certainly understand with so much talent in the kitchen and so
many hands handling the food before it hits the table. Desserts were best part of the meal,
not surpriseing since this is a former pastry Chef that is now in the driving seat.
Wine list top notch, service good & attentive, decor and music quite tasty,
just not sold on their fancy gourmet take on one of my fave cuisines.
Honestly.....I was bummed out after dinner, was hoping for much more "POW".

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  1. I'm going to second the disappointment on this one. Went last night for night two, and while I’m usually willing to pass over any issues this early in a place’s lifecycle, the problems here seemed more structural rather than some kinks. Overall the food seems to be more about presentation than about taste which would have been fine if either of them were that good. Portions are also very small for the prices.

    One of the problems I had was that nothing really mixed together well. The Spring Rolls came with a great sauce that I loved but we plated in a way that the sauce didn’t really mix with the rolls so what you were left with was cleaning up some sauce after forgettable spring rolls. This was the same problem with the Kabocha which were big chunks served in a bowl ultimately leading all of the extra stuff to falling to the bottom of the bowl and having some chunks of squash and a little pile of extra stuff left over. Crispy spring rolls were really greasy, Pork was waaay too flavorful and I could only have a couple of bites without something to balance the flavor. Don’t think the Papaya Salad was remarkable. Highlight of the night for me was the soft tofu: creamy, sweet and delicious. For what its worth the service was fine.

    I was really hoping LA would finally have something equivalent to the Slanted Door in SF and if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t it. As the poster above mentioned, it’s too “high brow/French Laundry" and lacking any soul. I felt like all of the focus was placed on individual dishes and none of what it would be like to eat them together,

    Red Medicine
    8400 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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      I think the closest thing to Slanted Door (which I am not the biggest fan of) I have found in LA/OC is Phan's 55 (I have only been to the Irvine location but understand there is also a location in Fullerton). I believe the owner is related to the owner of Slanted Door (at least that's what one of the servers told me). The food is upscale Vietnamese (using higher quality meats) without being too fuisiony. I personally like my Viet food to have bold flavors and some of that punch that seems to be lacking when the cuisine gets high-end. I am sure Red Med is interesting and I would like to see more reviews but for now I will stick to my Westminster places.

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