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Dec 10, 2010 03:30 PM

Visiting Houston Weekend of 12/17

I'll be staying downtown (Club Quarters). Since I'm coming in for a wedding, my only dinner free is Friday, for which I've already booked Feast. Need some recommendations for breakfasts (downtown) and lunches on Friday & Saturday in Montrose area. Will not have a car, but am determined to get to the Menil Collection in whatever way I can (doesn't seem like light rail gets me close to there), so if there's any decent lunch spot near there, that'd be great! Thanks, in advance, for any advice!

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  1. First, welcome to Houston.

    Second, I love the Menil. It's my favorite local museum. If you are into that sort of thing, the Byzantine Chapel is amazing, and we always walk through the Twombley. (I doubt it was intentional, but it always makes me smile - especially the Green Room.)

    For lunch, there's a Guatemalan place called El Pueblito which is on Richmond just two blocks north of the Menil. We ate there a few times years ago when my brother lived nearby, and really enjoyed it. I just looked them up on and their reviews are awful, but almost exclusively for the service. I don't know what's going on there, but I remember the food being pretty unique.

    Beyond that, I'm afraid I'm not much help. I know my area of town pretty well, but that's a loooong way from there.

    Look at B4 and do a search for Montrose or MidTown and you will find lots of trendy, up and coming places. If you're going to Feast, I'm sure many of them will intrigue you.

    Most importantly, please stop back by and let us know what you did, where you went and how you liked it. Especially Feast. Again, welcome to Houston. Enjoy your stay.

    P.S. How 'bout that Colt McCoy?


    1. I suggest Bocados on Alabama, just a couple of blocks east of the Menil. They have excellent Mexican seafood and more standard Tex-Mex style favorites. The prices are a bit higher than standard Tex-Mex. Another place on Montrose, another couple of blocks east of the Menil, is Canopy. Other places on Montrose within 3-5 blocks include Thai, Bakery, Pub, Japanese, hinese, Louisiana style seafood, etc. Check for zip code 77006, street Montrose or Alabama.

      As to transportation, a taxi should be reasonable from downtown to the Menil and then you can walk east on Alabama to Bocados or continue east to Montrose for Canopy. There are bus stops all along Montrose as that is a main north/south route. Check the metro bus route maps.

      Bocados Restaurant & Bar
      1312 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77006

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        Baby Barnaby's, 602 Fairview, is a favorite for breakfast. You won't be disappointed. Check the hours and get there early to avoid a wait on weekends.

        Baby Barnaby's Cafe
        602 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006

        1. re: dragonfly

          Thanks, all, for the wonderful suggestions. I'll post about what I discover upon my return!