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Dec 10, 2010 03:10 PM

Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads New Restaurants and More Discussion

Please list your faves in each category!

I shut my eyes in the restaurant scene for one minute and when I opened them I saw countless frozen yogurt shops opening up, more sushi restaurants than I could count, a couple more mediterranean than before and a host of more unknown finds have cropped up.

Let me know your new favorite finds and if anyone has tried these I have recently seen and haven't had a chance to try.

Keilbasa (European saw recently at Kempsville near VB Blvd.)
Baladi (Mediterranean near hilltop) (not sure if the new Azar's will witness any less traffic?!)
Jack's Bistro
Yanni's Casual Greek

Pasha Mezze (sad that their chesapeake location is now closed, which I liked better.)
La Dolce Vita (Great New Orleans style food and drinks - try despite its typical Oceanfront tourist resto appearance)
Razzo (everything is better than expected here, even the bread crumb pasta side dish)
Mannino's (green apple salad is delish!)
Aloha Hawaiin BBQ (Cheapo Hawaiian and Thai offerings with big portions)
Don Gallo - (Not completely proven but one of the only Peruvian places and interesting to try! Love the Yuca fries and the green sauce that comes out at the beginning)

I am typically the last person to recommend a chain however I remember these fondly from the midwest.
Jimmy John's (a once college sandwich splurge)
Papa Murphy's (take and bake pizza - try their gourmet vegetarian and you won't be disapointed! I am also mildy obsessed at the moment with their thin crust with white sauce and any topping)

A place like Chop't Creative Salad Company in D.C. customized salads with your favorite toppings then they chop it all and toss with one of the hundreds of choices of homeade salad dressings.

A place like Pita Pit in Canada - choices of shwarma, falafel all your fave mediterranean choices (and lunchmeats to appease) in a subway/Chipotle like concept slathered with hummus and/or other toppings wrapped in a warm pita.

A great truly southern homecooking place - shrimp and grits, mashed potatoes/gravy and fried chicken type place.

Gourmet food trucks making their way around town.

3248 E Ocean View Ave, Norfolk, VA 23518

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  1. I haven't been to any of the restaurants on the "new" list, but I have wanted to check out Yanni's. I'm a big fan of Greek food, so I'd be interested to see how they stack up.

    You mentioned Don Gallo on your list as well, where is that? Never heard of it!

    Absolutely agree with your "why don't we have" list as well - especially the southern food. Even though we are a primarily migrant area, we are still located in the south.

    Not sure if you're aware, but there are a group of us from Chow that go out to eat once a month - you should join us! Two weeks ago we had a fantastic brunch at Stove in Portsmouth, have you been?

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      Don Gallo is near Lynnhaven Mall -2728 North Mall Drive Suite 117. It is the only Peruvian in VB - this alone makes them worth a try. I have only been there once so I can't verify their consistency, but have heard good things from others, some of which are Peruvian descent.

      Things are surprising here, when I moved here, I was suprised by the lack of fresh seafood markets! There aren't very many with the amount of water we have around. This is relatively new but I recently found that you can buy fish fresh off the boat at the dock/weighing area near/next to Bubba's seafood, the downside is you have to clean the fish yourself!

      Thanks krisrishere I will check out the Chow group, I haven't been to Stove though it has been on my list to try for a while.

      1. re: VBeatso

        We call the group the "Tidewater Taste Buds." We go out in an attempt to try new places, and old favorites. Kris is right; it's a good time.

        1. re: foodjack

          I'm still thinking about that bloody mary from Stove... Mmm.