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Dec 10, 2010 02:54 PM

Slice cooked meat before or after refrigerating?

I made two pieces of London Broil, but only used one for dinner.
Is it better to slice the already-broiled piece and then refrigerate it, or refrigerate it whole?
I thought maybe the meat would keep the juices better if it was left intact, but also think it would probably be easier to reheat the pieces.

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  1. Some preparations are much better when refrigerated before slicing (Chicago-style Italian beef for example), while others benefit from remaining whole. I would think your London broil would be better refrigerated whole. Just MHO.

    1. I'd have to agree with the Mayor. Refrigerate, slice as needed, heat and serve.
      If you have some au jus reserved, heat that separately and use it over the reheated slices.

      1. I'll make it 3 in a row......Leave it whole.....


        1. A fourth here - also, it'll be neater to slice when chilled, and the juice won't be forced out while slicing. Try slicing as thinly as possible, which will make for delicious sandwiches. If you let it come to room temp and then warm only a little if at all, adding gravy if you want it hot, it will remain tender.

          1. Fifth vote here. Sliced meat dries out more quickly, besides giving more surface for anything nasty to take hold (though that's probably irrelevant since you'll be using it within a few days, I assume).

            I haven't done London broil, but when I cook a flatiron steak for just the two of us I'll save a good bit for a steak & eggs Sunday breakfast. For that I cut slices much thinner than dinner slices and simply toss them in sizzling hot butter and oil, and serve immediately.

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              The only meat I like to refrigerate sliced is pot roast in its gravy.