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Dec 10, 2010 02:14 PM

Replacement for Pyrex--Corningware?

After reading the current Consumer Reports, I have decided to get rid of my Pyrex baking pan. The next question is: Which inexpensive, attractive pan should I replace it with for everyday use? I use these pans mainly for roasting vegetables and fish at temps about 425F. but do not want to limit myself to that use...

Any opinions on ( or shatter issues with) the French white Corningware, like this one:

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  1. I have a couple of Le Creuset pans that I've picked up from who knows where over the years. But I don't think they were inexpensive.

    I also have some borosilicate glass containers/baking dishes that I got from amazon that haven't shattered so far.

    ETA: Looking on amazon, the Le Creuset stoneware isn't too expensive -- around $30. But the cast iron ones are more expensive -- over $100. I have both and prefer the cast iron one as it retains more heat. But the stoneware one serves me fine as well.

    1. Fench Porcelain Bakeware - Apilco or Pillivuyt. They are generally expensive but you can find better prices at WS outlet, ebay, and

      1. How long have you had this Pyrex?

        1. Have you tried roasting vegetables on a half sheet pan? most roast best if spread out, without overlap. Obviously it's not the best choice for presentation.

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            Yes, thanks,, Paul..I just started to do that and they turn out quite well. But I still need a rectangular pan with higher sides....what do you think of the Corningware, for everyday? It is not bad looking and costs less than $20.

            I bought lots of Apilco when Bridge moved out of NY--sad to say I have only oval and round sizes, though..

            1. re: erica

              Hi, Erica.

              I used to have several pieces of French White and also some older white pieces w/ the Cornflower design (liberated from Mother's kitchen). Don't know what new pieces are like, but I never had trouble with any of mine; I don't recall friends or relatives complaining about it either. And it will look nice with the Apilco you already have.

              Another thing in that price range is -- as MissNeedle mentioned -- the Le Creuset Heritage line of ceramic bakeware. Unlike it's cast iron cousins from France, it's made in Thailand. (Which doesn't necessarily mean it's junk... it's just not French.) A large rectangular baking pan is $30.

              Macy's currently has a very pretty white Martha Stewart lasagna pan on sale for $20.

              Fiesta makes a 9x13 pan that many places have on sale for $49 right now. It's very durable... or at least my post-1986 Fiesta Ware has been. Might be able to find one on eBay for a little less.

              FWIW, I've never had trouble with my Pyrex. In fact, only one of my friends has ever had a piece break. Before you throw out your Pyrex, you might read this:

              Good luck!

              1. re: KansasKate

                Kate, many thanks! I think I will go ahead and try the White costs about $14 on Amazon so not a huge investment...

                I could not find the Le Cresuet Heritage for such a low price---do you remember where you noticed this? I am looking for a pan to replace the 9 x 14 Pyrex baker, so anything of about that size would suit..

                1. re: erica

                  My mistake! The $30 LC baking dish is not "Heritage" which costs $50. The $30 model has the regular (?) handles.

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