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Replacement for Pyrex--Corningware?

erica Dec 10, 2010 02:14 PM

After reading the current Consumer Reports, I have decided to get rid of my Pyrex baking pan. The next question is: Which inexpensive, attractive pan should I replace it with for everyday use? I use these pans mainly for roasting vegetables and fish at temps about 425F. but do not want to limit myself to that use...

Any opinions on ( or shatter issues with) the French white Corningware, like this one:


  1. Miss Needle Dec 10, 2010 06:42 PM

    I have a couple of Le Creuset pans that I've picked up from who knows where over the years. But I don't think they were inexpensive.

    I also have some borosilicate glass containers/baking dishes that I got from amazon that haven't shattered so far.


    ETA: Looking on amazon, the Le Creuset stoneware isn't too expensive -- around $30. But the cast iron ones are more expensive -- over $100. I have both and prefer the cast iron one as it retains more heat. But the stoneware one serves me fine as well.

    1. hobbybaker Dec 11, 2010 03:56 AM

      Fench Porcelain Bakeware - Apilco or Pillivuyt. They are generally expensive but you can find better prices at WS outlet, ebay, and bridgekitchenware.com

      1. paulj Dec 11, 2010 07:22 AM

        How long have you had this Pyrex?

        1. paulj Dec 11, 2010 07:24 AM

          Have you tried roasting vegetables on a half sheet pan? most roast best if spread out, without overlap. Obviously it's not the best choice for presentation.

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          1. re: paulj
            erica Dec 11, 2010 11:59 AM

            Yes, thanks,, Paul..I just started to do that and they turn out quite well. But I still need a rectangular pan with higher sides....what do you think of the Corningware, for everyday? It is not bad looking and costs less than $20.

            I bought lots of Apilco when Bridge moved out of NY--sad to say I have only oval and round sizes, though..

            1. re: erica
              KansasKate Dec 11, 2010 06:03 PM

              Hi, Erica.

              I used to have several pieces of French White and also some older white pieces w/ the Cornflower design (liberated from Mother's kitchen). Don't know what new pieces are like, but I never had trouble with any of mine; I don't recall friends or relatives complaining about it either. And it will look nice with the Apilco you already have.

              Another thing in that price range is -- as MissNeedle mentioned -- the Le Creuset Heritage line of ceramic bakeware. Unlike it's cast iron cousins from France, it's made in Thailand. (Which doesn't necessarily mean it's junk... it's just not French.) A large rectangular baking pan is $30.

              Macy's currently has a very pretty white Martha Stewart lasagna pan on sale for $20.

              Fiesta makes a 9x13 pan that many places have on sale for $49 right now. It's very durable... or at least my post-1986 Fiesta Ware has been. Might be able to find one on eBay for a little less.

              FWIW, I've never had trouble with my Pyrex. In fact, only one of my friends has ever had a piece break. Before you throw out your Pyrex, you might read this:

              Good luck!

              1. re: KansasKate
                erica Dec 14, 2010 08:21 AM

                Kate, many thanks! I think I will go ahead and try the White Corningware...it costs about $14 on Amazon so not a huge investment...

                I could not find the Le Cresuet Heritage for such a low price---do you remember where you noticed this? I am looking for a pan to replace the 9 x 14 Pyrex baker, so anything of about that size would suit..

                1. re: erica
                  KansasKate Dec 14, 2010 11:04 AM

                  My mistake! The $30 LC baking dish is not "Heritage" which costs $50. The $30 model has the regular (?) handles.

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