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Dec 10, 2010 02:01 PM

Lunch/Dinner in Lake Louise, AB

I am staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Dec 26th and Dec27th - I am wondering if anyone has any recomendations of where to eat for lunch/dinner?

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  1. We had a great lunch in the fall at the Post Hotel

    1. I'll mention the restaurant at Deer Lodge in spite of it being a several years since I was there. We had a great dinner with a very good wine list and fine, friendly service at Deer Lodge right at Lake Louise, a short walk from the Chateau. It was a highlight meal of a Canadian Rocky Mountain vacation. Maybe someone will comment who has been there more recently.

      1. does anyone have any recommendations for food at/on the ski resort? thanks.

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          beavertails used to be tasty at the end of a ski day.its right at the bottom of the main run in front of the lodge

        2. If you drive west down the TransCanada to Field you will get the opportunity to eat at Truffle Pigs, one of my favourite restaurants anywhere. It's about 20 mins west and worth the drive. They are located in the Kicking Horse Lodge, you can't miss it in town.

          Food on the ski hills will disappoint you. When I'm at Louise I always head to the back side to the Temple lodge and go to the pub/lounge on the 2nd floor at Sunshine I'm partial to the Chimney Corner Lounge in the hotel. None of these will blow you away but so long as you get there before the line ups, you'll get a table and a decent choice of food. The cafeteria options at both disappoint as does the lack of seating if it's busy... I refuse to sit on a garbage can to eat an overly expensive burger again!


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            Thank you Vanderb! I will check Truffle Pigs out.

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              shooter you are welcome, if you do go to Truffle Pigs can you let post how the meal is? I'm living in India now and miss the place greatly, especially at this time of year. I spent 5 of the best New Year's Eves (almost in a row) having their special dinner and wine pairing, followed by skating on the community rink and mixing with the locals at the "big" bash in the community centre. Truly a warm and welcoming community in Field.

              New Year Restaurant
              6712 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 4E1, CA