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Beard Papa open yet? (YEG)

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Does anybody know if it's open yet? We will be in Edmonton for the weekend and would like to try it out.

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  1. I'm wondering the same thing. Has anybody tried it yet?

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      I gave Beard Papa a try when I was Tokyo a few weeks back and the green tea cream puffs were pretty good. I will have to stop by WEM next time I'm in Edmonton.

      1. I went there last night. They only had two filling flavours, the original vanilla and mango. I thought they tasted good, but found the filling incredibly runny. It was not as thick as the cream puff filling I am used to, so it was a bit messy. Looking at the pictures on the website, even, I think it is supposed to be thicker, so they might still be perfecting it since they just opened this location.

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          Yeah, it shouldn't be runny, more like thick custard. We found a Beard Papa in Hangzhou China of all places, and they had a double chocolate lava cake version. My husband is still smiling about it. Let's hope they get that one in.

        2. I went there Thursday and tried the vanilla filling, it was good but a little runny as others have mentioned. Also, it took a bit of investigation to find the shop as the directories in the mall aren't updated to show the shop location yet. It's behind the Body Shop near the Ice Rink.

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            I can't believe I forgot all about this. I loved them in Waikiki and would make the trip up if they are ok there.

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              I was kind of put off by the $3.00 price tag, I am sure I will eventually give in.