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Dec 10, 2010 01:29 PM

Pre-cooked dinners by mail?

I want to send my elderly mother-in-law pre-cooked dinners that she can simply microwave. She lives in upstate NY. She has very basic "meat and potatoes" tastes so I'm not looking for anything fancy. I'd like to simply pick the meals for her and send her a couple of them per month. Suggestions?

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  1. There is a company in Plattsburgh, NY which is not upstate, but northern NY state. Big difference. Anyway they prepare and ship frozen meals. The portion sizes are designed to accommodate the elderly palate and portion size is geared to them. I cannot remember the name of the co. Someone must on the board. Because of shipping charges (even though the customers are in the same town) are outrageous she and her friends combine orders. Not a bad idea.

    1. Stouffers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem make some nice dishes.

      1. Schwan's has tasty and reasonably priced options and the bonus would be they offer home delivery or UPS -

        Also there may be some different options offered through her local senior center. Such as the meal packages for seniors offered through organizations such as the Angel Food Ministries.

        1. My sister gave me a few dinners from Home Bistro. They're shipped in dry ice; then you put 'em in your freezer. You don't. however, microwave them; you drop the plastic bag in boiling water for several minutes.

          1. Would it be possible to call a local restaurant she enjoys and have them deliver? They may be able to pack the meals so that they could be microwaved.