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Dec 10, 2010 12:29 PM

Desperately Seeking Cookies

Well, one particular kind of cookie I recall from my childhood. I grew up in the bordertown of El Paso, Texas with my very, very Mexican family. It wasn't unusual to find Mexican food products in our pantry even though we still lived in the U.S. I've been trying to find these particular cookies for common sense tells me they just aren't manufactured anymore, but the little kid in me tells me that maybe somewhere I'll find a little bit more information about them, if nothing else.

My tia used to buy them in a huge box - the Arcoiris and Marias would come in similar large boxes back in the day as well. I don't remember their name or a particular manufacturer - i.e. Gamesa, Tia Rosa, Marinela...but my instincts tend to think they MAY have been made by Gamesa based on what I've been finding online.

What I DO remember about them (aside from the fact that they were positively delicious) is that they were a very rich medium brown color; very dense, very sweet, very dry - almost biscuit-like, especially because they seemed to be a little thicker than the average cookie. They were ring-shaped, and lightly coated on the tops in either yellow or pink colored, sugar-type icing (and we're talking...almost neon when I remember these colors). I only remember the icing ever coming in those two colors - being a little bit of a girlie-girl, I tended to only want to eat the pink ones, but the yellow ones tasted exactly the same. Heh.

If anyone can tell me anything about these cookies, or better yet, suggest something that tastes similar if they truly are gone from this world, I would be eternally grateful. Every new store I go into, I always check the ethnic food section to see if maybe, just maybe they'll be there sitting and waiting for me, but alas...I'm always left disappointed, but still dreaming.

And to get a bit of a discussion going along the same topic...has anyone else ever had a food in their life that made them feel this way? The one that got away, if you will...The one you're still searching for. Are you one of the lucky ones that found their long-lost nosh? Was it just as good as you remember?... Thanks for taking the time to read, everyone!

~Newbie Chowhound

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  1. I remember them too. I recall that they came in plastic bags. The icing was almost like a meringue, is that what you remember?

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      Exactly! :D Those are the ones!

    2. I think these are what you are looking for:

      They are still being sold in México.

      Saludos from Baja California, México

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        AHHH! They're almost perfect! The ones from back in the day used to be thicker and there was a hole in the center, but those are almost exactly them! :D Wow, thank you!

        I wonder if they would taste the same...

        Looks like I need to plan a trip to Mexico... XD

        Thank you, thank you, thank you for that photo, migfim! :D You really made my day!

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          You're welcome.

          Saludos from México

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          EEEE! I think I may be able to order them online now that you showed me the name! :D THANK YOU AGAIN!

        3. Oh my goodness! Okay, so I've been looking for the same exact thing!! This is exactly what I typed into google and how I found your post: "circular mexican cookies with a hole in the middle that have pink and yellow icing". lol! They were delicious and not quite like any other cookie I've ever had. We would always bring them back home with us after visiting my grandma in Texas and I LOVED stacking them on my finger through the hole. :) Everything about them, especially the texture, was so good. I've been looking forever too. I don't think they make them anymore, which is a shame, but wanted to let you know you're not alone. And hoping that if anyone ever sees your post and has an answer that I'll get to know too. The only thing I remember about the box was that it said galletas on it. Those cookies that Mari recommended are the closest thing I've ever found too. I remember my mom being so excited when she found them, and telling me she found "THE cookies" and how disappointed I was when I got to her house to see they weren't really THE ones. haha! Those ones taste more like the animal cracker biscuits but the icing makes you feel like you're getting a little of what you want.

          It's so funny how you described going into all the ethnic food sections hoping someday they'll be there. I feel EXACTLY the same way. And in fact, literally today, I stopped at a little Mexican market to check. They did have ONE bag of the Betunadas, and my daughter got all excited, but they were expired. :( However, you can find those here in the U.S. Just check out the Mexican markets. Good luck to us both. Maybe someday...fingers crossed. :)

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          1. I've been trying to locate these cookies for quite some time too. I remember spending summers at my grandparents in El Paso during my childhood and eating these cookies. I'm hoping to find them someday and bring back some fond memories of eating them as a kid. The quest continues.....

            1. I have been looking for these cookies for years!!! I have such found memories of them growing up. I grew up in a town about eight miles from the Mexican border and my mom would buy these for me at the local grocery store. I just loved bringing that box home. I sooooooo wish I could still buy them for my children. They have heard me tell stories about how I would bite off all the icing, and stack them on my fingers, etc. If anyone ever finds them PLEASE post a message. I miss those cookies and am still after all these years hoping that some day I would find a box. (I can't even find an image of the box or cookies online to show my kids what I've been talking about)