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Dec 10, 2010 12:10 PM

Anyone been to Pinot?

Curious about it,and the menu looks fun, but it seems quite "corporate." Anyone care to report?

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  1. We tried it out for dinner a couple weeks ago. I thought the food was quite good. As you said, you've seen the menu and you know what to expect, and yes, it's a large space with an impersonal feel, but overall it exceeded our expectations. I'd recommend the fresh mozzarella appetizer. We will definitely return to try their brunch. I'm not sure we'll be back for dinner, only because there are so many far more creative options at that price point.

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      They've just lost their second chef. There's a lot of other options in town. I'd take Little Bird, Gabriel Rucker's new spot over Pinot for downtown eats any day.

    2. Start reading here:

      And then find somewhere else to eat...


      1. Wow - They just lost their second chef and the new one comes from the Rivershore Bar & Grill in Oregon City at the Best Western. That's some real pedigree! Thanks for the responses, guys.

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          It's fascinating that most of the chatter re: Pinot has been from people who apparently haven't actually eaten there...

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            My wife and I tried Pinot on Tuesday for lunch based on the second post in this thread. Very good hamburger, onion soup and eggplant sandwich (which had an interesting smoky tomato flavor). Great space. Only disappointments, bread service (soft rolls no crust, also on eggplant sandwich). My wife ordered her hamburger medium and it came medium rare (as others have noted Portland is not great at getting hamburger order's right). As a diner in Portland's golden age of restaurants I am very grateful for anyone willing to brave the brutally competetive restaurant market (even if they fail), especially a restaurant offering good value and long hours. But they will need to up their game to survive here.