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Dec 10, 2010 11:28 AM

Danish 'Aalborg Jubilaeums Akvavit' in SoCal?

Hello Hounds,

I have been unable to locate 'Aalborg Jubilaeums Akvavit' in SoCal. The Aalborg sold in the green bottle is a lesser quality product. I'm searching for the clear bottle with amber colored liquor. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here you go:

    Total Wine and More: Tustin
    Manhattan Fine Wines: Manhattan Beach
    Robert Burns Wines: Beverly Hills
    Le Petit Vendome Wine & Spirits: Pasadena

    Manhattan Fine Wines
    1157 Artesia Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

    1. 7/11/12 Just received the following:

      Dear Roy

      Thanks for your interest in our product.
      We are working hard for the moment for getting Aalborg Jubilæums Akvavit and Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram back to the US market.
      We have today more or less everything ready and only need to have approval of the labels from TTB.
      Our Distributor or Agent would be the same as we have today for Kijafa. (MHW Ltd).
      We will probably ship the first container in end September.
      I will save your letter and this email and then come back to you when we have shipped the first order to USA.
      In the meantime please visit the following WEB site:

      Best regards

      Michael Øst Jensen
      Pernod Ricard Denmark A/S

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      1. re: Akvavit

        Hello Michael,

        I happened to come across this thread while looking to acquire Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram in the USA. Any update on availability here?

        Kind regards,

        Tom Stawicki

        1. re: Akvavit

          Dear Michael,

          In the San Francisco Bay Area, where is Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram sold?


          Frank Jensen

          1. re: jensen76

            I would try Jug Shop on Polk street. Other likely candidates (call first: Cask on third, Liquid Experience on Haight, or maybe S.F. Wine Trader (Taraval?))


            1. re: jensen76

              I would try Jug Shop on Polk street. Other likely candidates (call first: Cask on third, Liquid Experience on Haight, or maybe S.F. Wine Trader (Taraval?))


              1. re: shabbychef


                Yesterday I spoke to a man at the Danish House in Balboa Park, San Diego about the import status of Jubileaums. He said the new owner didn't like the old distributor and is in discussion with a new one. He thought J would be available in 2016. He also ssid if you find Taffel, buy it.


          2. Hej there,

            I’m looking also for the Jule Akvavit or Jubilæums Akvavit!
            Do you got know already a place where to buy it in the US???

            Thank you.

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            1. re: liesa


              Jule is not a export item, though I too want to try it, you will just have to make a trip to DK to get some. I have not heard back from Mr. Jensen about Jubilæums in stores yet. It is supposed to have been shipped however.

            2. Try the Wine House on Cotner in West LA. They have everything.

              1. Hej,

                thank you! It sounds picky, but that's not the right one.
                For christmas we always drinks the Jule or Jubilæums Akvavit :-(

                Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!
                I’m keep on looking.

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                1. re: liesa

                  I don't believe you'll find this in the LA area. If you want to check with someone that can give you the straight story calls Wally's Wines on Westwood Blvd. in WLA. Otherwise you are stuck with buying online as you can see here:

                  1. re: Servorg

                    Based on their website, Wally's only carries Taffel and The Beer Store only ships within Australia.

                    1. re: Akvavit

                      "...and The Beer Store only ships within Australia."

                      I think that may not be the case since they have this on their website FAQ:

                      "Although an order can’t be placed online for overseas deliveries, orders can be placed by fax, phone or email. For more information regarding your specific requirements, please use our contact form."

                      1. re: Servorg

                        I didn't dig that deeply, Australia was the only option on the web form. AU$ 69.99 + S&H could make it a tad expensive (lots of Scottish blood here LOL).

                        1. re: Akvavit

                          If you can't get it any other way, and your itch is deep enough, one generally finds the price not to be an issue in the final analysis when nothing else will scratch that itch...

                            1. re: Akvavit

                              Bad example (at least to me). I drove from London and ended up on the Isle of Skye in 1980. Went into a bakery to pick up a couple of things and the owners kept giving us (3 Australian's I met at my B&B near Victoria Station in London) free things, insisting we just needed to try them.

                              It was so embarrassing after a while that we finally said we needed to get back on the road. As we walked across the parking lot back to our car he came running after us, calling out "Here's one more thing you just have to have!"

                              I can never again think of the Scottish being overly "thrifty" after that encounter.

                              1. re: Servorg

                                It's nice to know there exceptions to the rule. :-)

                  2. re: liesa

                    Greetings and Happy New Year from New York City.

                    For what its worth, I've been trying to buy Jubilaeums here for many months with no success. My local liquor store made inquiries and was told "not available." I've also inquired of some of the "better" wine and spirit stores here in Manhattan, but no one seems to have any, nor any information as to when it can be expected.

                    I've written to Pernod in Denmark, but they've never bothered to respond. I see someone did get a reply earlier in the year, but I gather they've not succeeded in renewing whatever import agreements etc are required.

                    Must be a lack of demand. Can't be the price: here in NYC, it only cost about $23/bottle.

                    Too bad. I've enjoyed this product for decades. I've never found another aquavit (by any distiller) which even approximates the taste.

                    I've tried on line but it looks like it can only be ordered from the UK or Australia, and the shipping (plus American import limitations), make it an unsuitable choice.

                    Hope someone gets better news one of these days.

                    1. re: wldtrav

                      Here is another Australian spirits store that looks like it is well set up for international shipping. Again, if you really want it then the added cost of bringing it in shouldn't be an absolute impediment to acquiring some: