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Dec 10, 2010 08:48 AM

Any good chow near Lake Lanier?

We will be heading to see the Christmas Lights at Lake Lanier and would like to have dinner near there at around 5 pm on Saturday. Any recommendations? It will be our first time in this area. We will have our 2 kids (ages 3 and 6) with us, but they are used to eating out, so as long as it's not a formal restaurant, they will do fine.

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  1. Not foodie places if that is what you are looking for but...

    If you like BBQ and want to economize on time you might consider Old Mac Donald's BBQ. They have burgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders if that is acceptable and desired by the kids over BBQ.

    The BBQ is pretty good but not great. I think they use a different cut of pork than most other BBQ restaurants. I consider their Brunswick Stew the best I've had, but I have not seen it praised a lot by others. I head over there from Hwy 985 often, to take some home, when on my way back from the mountains. It is an old structure with no decor to speak of, just tables and booths and at least when I have been, quick service. I like the onion rings and some other sides also.

    There's a seadfood restaurant Third Coast Grill that has a nicer atmosphere but I haven't been in the place since they moved. I liked the old place that was nearby. Probably going to take you longer if you eat there.

    I've seen mixed reviews. Maybe someone who has been recently will comment.

    1. If i were you,id just go to the light show when you get there around 5--it gets pretty crowded --you can do the route in 30 minutes,stop at the end for marshmellows with the kids, THEN go eat as already mentioned.There are plenty of casual spots along PIE or rte 20 to can go to,ortake 985 as mentioned above.I laways get there early

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        bob-we did that. We got there early (with snacks in the car) and then we ate afterwards. When we left the line was crazy - probably over 4 miles. Good to know there's decent BBQ in the area for next time.

      2. Third Coast is CLOSED. I can't seem to find a good restaurant after boating on the lake that has great seafood that isn't FRIED or too far from the lake. Any suggestions.

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          Thats a tough area for decent eats. Downtown Buford has a cpouple of places, Sperata and Ricos World Kitchen are both very good choices. Ricos is more casual and would fit perfectly plus the food is really good.

          Ricos World Kitchen
          2720 Mall of Georgia Blvd Ste 202, Buford, GA 30519

          179 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

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            Ninja Sushi and Steakhouse on Hwy 20 is great for kids (they like the show) and the food and sushi are very good.

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            Fish Tales Lakeside Grill in Flowery Branch is one of our favorites.

          3. sometimes theyll cook the fish that you catch in many seafood places--just filet it for them--theyll charge for a basic fish meal,so you wont save anything,but itll taste great--ive brought stripe haome with me, and got it cooked at a local spot--really terrifici