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Dec 10, 2010 08:28 AM

Christmas Day Dinner in Toronto - Help!

Does anyone know of any restaurants that are open Christmas Day for Dinner?
I know the royal york is but its $120 per person....a little out of my budget.
Anywhere else? We could go as far north as Markham, south to Beaches.
Anywhere besides chinese restaurants?

Rodeo on Danforth is open.....any good?

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  1. Give the Studio Cafe in the Four Seasons a call.

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    1. Here's a list of restaurants that were open last Christmas:

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      1. re: sillybuns79

        This is dated Dec. 2009 - last year's listing

        1. re: dkto25

          I know. Restaurants that opened on Christmas last year are likely to open on Christmas this year.

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            Here's an updated 2010 list:

            Also, here are a bunch of spots for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner to go:

            Hope that helps!

      2. Just received a flyer in the mail that Papillon on the Park is doing Christmas dinner - you might want to give them a try. They are located on Eastern Avenue, between Leslie & Coxwell

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          1. Copper Chimney (Indian in North York) will be open for Christmas day dinner. Really good. Check recent thread.

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              RED CRANBERRIES on Parliament Street is open on Christmas Day from 9 am to midnite, around $25.00