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Dec 10, 2010 05:14 AM

Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse Rodizio anyone tried it?

Dealicious has a 50% off coupon and was just wondering what this restaruant was like is it worth it or not? Also is on Danforth or Broadview the address is 95 Danforth but the google map show's it on Bradview.

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  1. Its on Danforth, just east of Broadview. I have not been though...

    1. Hmm a reincarnation of the Red Violin . Thanks for the alert, I got some coupons to try. Doubt I'll pay the full price of $50 in the future unless it's REALLY good.

      Red Violin
      95 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K1N2, CA

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        Unfortunately the voucher says one per table, 2 for more than 4 people at a table... so, if you are going with a dining companion one of your is paying full price.... If they allowed one voucher each I would try it.... remember though that tip and tax are on the original price. I don't think it is an amazing deal since you are saving $25 on a purchase over $130 (with tax/tip)..

        Having said all of that, I have never been to one of these Brazilian spots.... I would be interested in hearing feedback on the restaurant too.

      2. Visited the restaurant the other night. Food was decent - enough variety of meat, appetizers/salad bar. Beware of the overpriced sparkling water, wine, and beer. Ask the price of sparkling water before ordering. Recommend making reservations as it was fairly busy on a Saturday night.

        1. IMHO I think food is pretty good-definitely better the Cocacabana. Lot's of hot and cold dish choices at the salad bar. The grilled meat is very good and they also bring around some non-rodizio dishes (I thinking of one fish dish in particular) to each table. The drinks are very pricey though. The venue is nicely decorated with dim lighting. It's pretty expensive when I went in the Spring, $65 per person so the 50% off coupon is nice.

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          1. re: j_runner

            Thanks, that's good to know. Looks like on Thursdays they have caipirinhas for $5 (the national drink of Brazil which is our favourite drink) so we'll aim for that.

            1. re: Teep

              Well the Caipirinha Thursdays were just for November. Anyway we had five between the two of us and they were wildly inconsistent - some had more lime, some had more sugar, and others more alcohol. The common thing between them is they're crunchy - bits of granulated sugar in every sip. Thumbs down for consistency.

              Agree the food is better than Copacabana, as well as the service. But they did a "smart" thing with the Dealicious voucher. They added up the bill minus the $50, added tax and 17% tip to it, THEN added GST and tip of the voucher value. That's what I planned to do anyway, so I just paid what was presented on the bill.

              1. re: Teep

                It's a well-thought-out system; some really tempting things on the salad bar, then after a pause, the rice,broccoli, black beans,etc come out--then the meat on skewers-- I admit, I fell for it and didn't have the room left for as much meat as I would have liked to demolish.

          2. We recently dined with a large group friends at this restaurant on the Danforth. If you have not had a Brazilian Steakhouse experience- this is definitely one of the best. Bring your appetite!
            A wide assortment of meats, cooked to perfection and carved to order right at the table. Also, they had a great salad bar, which had many seafood items. I thought overall it was excellent value-with or without a coupon-and it's alot of fun for a big group.

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            1. re: bbbrad

              Thanks. We tried the place twice and we didn't much care for it. The meat was very very salty and some of the salad bar items had been sitting around for too long.

              1. re: justsayn

                We were just there and must have had at least 10 different types of meat-lamb,3 types of steak, pork roast-sausage and chicken. They were all well seasoned but I wouldn't say salty.
                We went early - so Salad bar was fresh for sure. I thought the highlight was the grilled pineapple - glad I saved room.
                Already decided that my next visit will be to take some of my colleagues coming up from the US for a trade show this fall. Brazilian barbeque should work well for a big group. I'll post again afterwards.

                1. re: bbbrad

                  I would say a year ago and then maybe 8 months ago and then we swore it off. What other restaurants do you like around the city?