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Dec 10, 2010 03:51 AM

What shocked you the first time you ate it?

For me, as a teenager, I had yogurt for the first time (my family was not health conscious in that way).
I couldn't believe something that sour and unpleasant would be eaten by the public at large. I also had the same reaction to beer. Luckily, in both cases, my tastes have changed.

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  1. I still have issues with India Pale Ales. To me, it's ground up aspirin in seltzer water.

    What shocks me is mystery meat, like what people call "deli turkey" for some reason these days. It is definitely not turkey, and any self respecting deli that I've ever been to does not sell that jello garbage.

    A reverse shock happened to me in high school when I tried real mayo for the first time. My parents were Miracle Whip ppl. I was shocked that mayo was so unbelievable delicious, and shocked that my parents would subject me to the foulness of Miracle Whip for my entire life until that point.

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      One i forgot:

      I tried it for the first time a few years ago, and I was not very impressed at ALL. I got it from a place that was not realy known at all for their nehari. Last winter, I tried it again at a differetn joint, and I was FLOORED. It may be the epitome of perfect meaty goodness mixed with ultra fragrant spices and searing heat. I was addicted immediately, and still am! I have beef shanks on hand in the freezer and Shan Nihari mix at all times for when the mood strikes.

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        I had the same experience with real mashed potatoes, after eating vile reconstituted flakes my whole life.

      2. Too many!
        French mayo. So much better than American mayo. Luckly, I can get Japanese mayo here which is very close to French mayo.

        Halva. When I first had it, I thought I was going to pass out because it was too sweet but I love it now.

        French Macarons or any french desserts- How can there be such good tasting stuff in the World....that's the first thing that came across my mind.

        Live Octopus- It was scary but wow, it's one of my favorite foods in the world.

        Grilled foie gras- My god, I can still remember my first reaction. I literally jumped in joy.

        Peking duck- sweet, delicate..and rich at the same flavorful.

        Caviar- what the hell..yuk.

        And most recently...creme fraiche ice cream from Aquagrill in NYC. OMG, I almost cried..ordered another scoop...SO tasting Ice cream I've ever had.

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          Halva, yes HALVA! The real stuff. Couldn't believe it was so good.

        2. Goat cheese - I was about 10 years old attending a neighbours party - and I'd been 'volunteered' to hand round a big tray of appetisers. A big tray that needed 2 small hands to hold it. Well, I thought I'd grab a bite of something cheesy before I started doing the rounds - and filled my mouth with a hefty morsel of something topped with some very stinky goat cheese. Before my brain registered the flavour I had picked up the tray - and when the taste hit me I realised to my horror that I couldn't spit it out or otherwise dispose of it and I had to chew and swallow. I thought it the most vile disgusting stuff ever and it was years before I tried goat cheese again. Needless to say from taste 2 onwards I've loved every goat cheese I've tried, the stinkier the better.

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          1. re: Peg

            This reminds me of my experience with a charcuterie plate in Paris -- I couldn't quite handle the "gout de merde." (But I have to admit I didn't learn to love it like you! I'm just more careful about recognizing my limitations when I have charcuterie.)

            1. that a heaping spoonful of cacao was not the same thing as a spoonful of Nestle's Quik

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              1. re: chickenbruiser

                I relate to that being an Ovaltine spoonful kinda girl

                1. re: chickenbruiser

                  Same here! I figured cacao was chocolate and isn't chocolate sweet?? Granted, I don't like the cocoa mixes anymore and haven't for years. I do love ovaltine though! always have, always will. It sure is good on vanilla ice cream or just by the spoonful.

                  The first time I had sushi. My brother took me because I was in my teens and had never tried it--kind of sad for a gal from L. A. I tried octopus--wow, other stuff I can't really remember but it was the sushi roll with tiny roe on the outside--WOW! The popping was such a shock it made me laugh while I was eating it.

                  Sour candies that we bought in Westwood. Oh, man, they started out sweet and then suddenly they went so sour my face puckered and I had to take them out for a breather. It was kind of good so I ate the rest of it Those were favourites after that, during my teens.

                  Mee krob and my first Thai food experience. It was at Royal Thai on Pico in L. A. and I think it was 1978 or 9. Oh, wow, the sweetness and the crunchiness must have appealed to my 8 year old self; it was like eating candy that was spicy! I wanted to be Thai just so I could eat mee krob all day all the time.

                  There was some kind of opaque bean curd or bean paste thing (like a fruit jelly in appearance only icky) that my friend from Korea thought I'd like because I liked everything. Whoops, wrong! It was such an odd taste that I had to excuse myself to spit it out. One was green-ish and one was orange-red-ish but I can't remember what she called them. Oh, they were such a shock. I can still remember the feeling of surprise at the unfamiliar taste which was nothing like tofu.

                  Panne cotta. A friend in my horticulture class was a pastry chef and brought orange infused panne cotta and lavender scented chocolates that she made. It was her class project. The panne cotta was so good I might have been willing to fight for it! The chocolates were terrific too, dusted or gilded with gold (I forget which) but the little cups of milky perfection made my mouth happy. Hah, my mouth is watering while I type this! I may have to go treat myself to some...

                  And, sadly, moldy bread. I was pretty young and I don't remember why the bread was bad because we always kept it in the fridge. But, I made toast and started eating it when I suddenly realized it was moldy on one spot. Bleh, the taste was so weird and awful that I swore I could taste it here and there and had probably thrown out lots of perfectly good bread over the years that followed. "No, this is about to turn, to the trash with it!"

                  Rose ice cream from, I forget now, somewhere off Main St. in Venice, CA. I'd never tasted rose in anything before that except lhasis and rose petals. I just wanted to eat the whole tub in the freezer. Oh, and kulfi (Indian ice cream). Yeah, cardamom and rose are flavours that should be used more often!

                  1. re: MinkeyMonkey

                    Cocoa is most definitely NOT sweet unless you put sugar in it.

                2. Bone Marrow. And it was the most delicious thing next to escargot and foie gras.
                  In fact--I've got a craving for some bone marrow and maybe I'll make some this weekend!