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Dec 9, 2010 07:24 PM

Which ethiopian in Pittsburgh ? Tana or Abay?

Tomorrow i am taking my friends to Ethiopian in Pittsburgh. I have had it in NYC but never in Pittsburgh. I know there are two restaurants: Tana and Abay. i was hoping people could give me advice on which is better? Let me know thanks!

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  1. I've been at Abay and it was good, never been to Tana. However, I first started eating Ethiopian in Washington DC which seems to be the epicenter for Ethiopian food, and compared to Etete in DC Abay was just OK. For Pittsburgh it was really good and unless they're frequent diners of Ethiopian cuisine you should enjoy it.

    1. Foodiegirl, where did you finally go ? I ve been to both restaurants numerous times. Abay started off really strong in 2005, when only Ethiopian diaspora visited the place but the food became less tasty and also significantly increased in price (3 person combo platters went from $18 to around $30 i recall : quite a big jump by Pittsburgh standards, the meal is now a staggering $38.50 ) . Tana, to my knowledge, opened in 2009, and to my mind, is the new Abay. Neither of them are of the standard of, say, Awash in NYC or Etete in DC, but given a choice these days, I d go to Tana. Tana also serves Ethiopian honey wine, and an Ethiopian Stout called Hakim. Abay does serve Yergacheffe coffee and Yekemem Shai (tea), though.