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Dec 9, 2010 05:24 PM

Where to find Trader Joe's discontinued items?

A spinoff of the ever-popular discontinued TJ's items threads:

Anyone know who the real manufacturer of some of these popular discontinued items is? I'd be willing to pay brand name prices for foods I miss. I thought a separate thread for hints and leads would be in order.

The ones on my list:
The Fine Herbs and Goat Cheese potato chips, discontinued about 2 years ago
Sipping Chocolate - it's seasonal and they have it in stock now, but I'm curious as to where I could find it during the year so I don't have to buy a case before it goes away
Goat Cheese pizza - not sure when they let this one go, but all of a sudden I couldn't find it anymore. It used to be the same maker as some of their other Italian pizzas, a thinnish crust, a few medallions of goat cheese, and three olives...

Any leads?

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    1. You might have some luck if you check the house brands of some good supermarket chains like Publix or Wegmans. I remember noticing at Publix that for some snack items, they have a greater variety of flavors under the Publix brand than the well-known national brands. Archer House (for Target) also has interesting choices.

      Also, in my local supermarket, I see very similar thin-crust pizzas to at least some of the Trader Joe's offerings - medium size pies, imported from Italy, either margherita (the spelling I saw on the box, I think) or other garnishes. Target has them under the Archer House brand, IIRC, and Wegman's under the Wegman brand. I've never bought them but they look a lot better than the big brand names frozen 'zas.