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Dec 9, 2010 12:51 PM

TOP 5 RESTAURANTS in Ocean County

mine our:

1 Atlantic bar and Grill
2 .Daniel's Bistro
4.IL Giardinello
5.Sea Oaks County Club

Ocean county has a very limited supply of good restaurants and needs a good steak house !!

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  1. Add:

    Shipwreck Grill ~ Brielle

    The new place they own is Shipwreck Point if you are looking for a good steakhouse. I have not been, but the reviews here seem to be glowing! (located in PP.)

    Excellent choice on Daniel's! :)

    Shipwreck Grill
    720 Ashley Ave, Brielle, NJ 08730

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    1. re: Angelina

      Angelina - Not to be a stickler but Brielle is in Monmouth and therefore Shipwerck Grille should be removed from the list. Of those mentioned, I would only choose three: Bistro 44, Atlantic Bar and Grill and Daniel's. I would however consider adding Siam Spice and Nobi to that list.

      Bistro 44
      44 Washington St Ste 2C, Toms River, NJ 08753

      Siam Spice
      1174 Fischer Blvd, Toms River, NJ 08753

      1. re: bgut1

        Thanks, bgut!! My mind is a little off with all my sleepless nights with out little baby!!

        1. re: bgut1

          do you of any steakhouses in Ocean

        2. Bistro 44 in Toms River. Great food!

          Bistro 44
          44 Washington St Ste 2C, Toms River, NJ 08753

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          1. Have to agree with bgut1 as I would add Bistro 44, Nobi and Siam Spice to the list. Also, Angelina has got the steakhouse which is Shipwreck Point.

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            1. re: JerzeyShore

              The reason I haven't added Shipwreck Point to the list is that I've yet to try it and confirm the generally positive reviews from this site.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. My vote is for Daniel's in Pt. Pleasant