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Dec 9, 2010 12:45 PM

Cassoulet on the Brain

Looking for a fantastic serving of this. Want to take a trip to Southern France without the plane ride. Could be authentic or another take, as long as it's Delicious.

Any idea's for where to go would be appreciated. Even if it's not on the regular menu...


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  1. I had a great one at the Ivy/Andaz, but that was before Coulon left. Might call and ask if it's still on the menu.

    1. Cafe Chloe

      Cafe Chloe
      721 9th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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        1. re: jdcoach

          2 1/2 years after the post? Not surprised it's not still on the menu.

          1. re: jdcoach

            Cassoulet is a winter, cold-weather dish. Although with this June Gloom thing, maybe it's appropriate.

            1. re: pickypicky

              The coldest winter I spent was a June in Pacific Beach.

              [Yeah, I know...]

              1. re: pickypicky

                thanks I won't expect to find it then, I will say that I learned to eat a cassulet when I was in Carcasonne in Souther France during a summer trip. They had it everywhere during July. I hope to find it here as well

          2. I understand it is available but not on the menu at the new Flavor in Del Mar. There is a great one at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville.

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            1. re: eatemup

              Has anyone been to Flavor yet? I haven't seen or heard much about it since it opened. The online menu looks a bit humdrum.

              1. re: Pentagarn

                We went about three weeks ago and it was spot on. Thought it might be a little rocky since it was only a couple weeks in but everything was wonderful. We went on a Sunday which is typically an off night for chefs but everything was beautifully done and the service was great. The room after dark is not as nice as it might be with the great view but we had a great time and enjoyed everything. we will definitely be back. Perhaps for the cassoulet.

            2. Just got an email from the Euro Food Depot, see below, also the cassoulet at Le Bastide (sp) in SR looks good, although I have yet to try it.

              Hello Euro Foodies!

              Attention all hard-working busy bees and over-scheduled social butterflies! Starting next week, you will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic French home-cooked meals, prepared by renowned chef Samuel Geffroy from Tapenade in La Jolla in the comfort of your own home.
              Each Friday Euro Food Depot will carry a different delicious dish, available in single or double portions, to reheat at your convenience. Never resort to fast food or frozen TV dinners again!
              Simply pick up a few fresh gourmet meals and serve them whenever you run out of time for cooking. Next week try the cassoulet, a hearty Southwestern French classic made with duck, sausage, beans and fresh vegetables.

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              1. re: stevuchan

                Thank you so much for this recommendation of Euro Food Depot. I didn't even know about this place but went out there today. The owner is so nice!

                Anyway the scoop on the cassoulet is, he will have it Monday. It comes in vacuum packed bags so, will last for a bit. $25-$28 for each bag which will is for 2, but when he told me what was in there... sounds like it could feed 3.

                For now, duck rillettes in the fridge.. mmm.

              2. Just had the cassoulet at Iris in Del Mar a few nights ago - delish! Price was $20 or so...