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Dec 9, 2010 11:48 AM

Rose Bowl watching in Lansing -- help me bridge the gap?

We live in Madison, so my husband really really (REALLY) wants to watch the Rose Bowl while we're visiting friends in Lansing.

He wants to watch sports. I want to have a decent glass of wine and/or a good Bloody Mary somewhere we can order something other than fried things and popcorn. (I sorta hate the divey/sports bar vibe.)

Is there anywhere we will both be happy (that is open on New Year's Day) or should we plan to stay in?

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  1. First place that I can think of is....The Tap room.

    Another idea that will require a little drive is The Wrought Iron Grill in Owosso.

    Call about schedules....I do not see anything on their respective websites.

    Wrought Iron Grill
    317 S Elm St Ste 201, Owosso, MI 48867

    1. Beggar's Banquet might be an option...I seem to recall they have a TV at the bar. There will be places all over Lansing, East Lansing and Okemos that will have a bar with a TV, yet won't be a sports bar. That might not be as good though as someone's big screen hdtv, as far as your husband is concerned.

      Beggar's Banquet
      218 Abbot Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823

      1. Edmund's Pastime is a new sports bar in downtown Lansing (southeast corner of Washington and Michigan) in the old Troppo location. I haven't been to it yet, but have read that it's nice.