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Dec 9, 2010 11:33 AM


Now that the Galleria is no more can any one advise to a good Korean supermarket in the North End. Thanks in advance

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  1. Galleria just opened at Don Mills & York Mills, in a plaza on the southeast corner of Upjohn and York Mills. Is that convenient for you?

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    1. H-Mart at Yonge and Weldrick

      1. PAT isn't as good, but super close to where Galleria once was, just a block north in the Red Lobster plaza.

        And hopefully the new Galleria at Yonge and Steeles opens up soon.

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        1. re: Crispier Crouton

          According to the flyer from the Yorkmills location, the old Galleria is now opened again - 24 hours to boot!

          1. re: jlunar

            I was at the Yonge x Steeles location this morning; it's only a block or so away from the old location, on the west side.

            I was there at around 10:30ish and was told that the store opened at 12.
            Too bad I had another appointment and couldn't stay there till noon to pick up a jar of kaktugi:(

            1. re: lilith

              Where exactly is this new location? Is it the old chapters bookstore?

              1. re: Pizza Lover

                It is located between KFC and Acura. Less cooked food, no butcher, no fresh tofu shop, no freshly made fish cake on site. The store is big but the layout is not as good compare to the old store and the York Mills branch. Getting in and out of the parking lot can be a problem.

                1. re: smfan

                  So the old Doncaster location is closed?

                  Have the small food court restaurants moved to the new location as well???

                  There was a place tucked in the corner that made the best katsu I've had in Toronto. I wonder what will happen to it and the others? Are they still staying in that location?

                  1. re: smfan

                    No butcher at the new Yonge location?!


                    1. re: magic

                      The Doncaster location is closed. No food court restaurants for now at the Yonge/Steeles. You can still buy prepacked meat. Opens 24 hrs.

                      1. re: smfan

                        I wonder what will happen to the food court businesses that were at the Doncaster location...