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Dec 9, 2010 10:18 AM

Bon Appetit pizza place in Brooklyn

Made a trek to Brooklyn yesterday and stopped on way home at a little pizza place on Coney Island Ave. It was really, really good! They had a ton of specials/ combos (- for example, I did the 2 slices/ fries and fountain soda for $7), they were clean and had a really huge selection. They did not rely on frozen mozarella sticks- they made their own fresh, and the place was really good. The fries were shoestring fries, and a good sized portion (enough for 2 adults and a french fry loving toddler). I brought home a cheese pretzel and knish for DH and he said both were really good. They had a ton of calzones, cheese sticks, soups, make your own salads etc. Highly recommend for a quick pizza joint. See the full menu here:

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