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Dec 9, 2010 10:17 AM

Lovage anyone?

I fell in love with the subtle flavour of the herb, Lovage this summer and I am looking to find a source, pref. organic.

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  1. Maybe dried leaves now but I've never seen it for sale fresh. I grow it in my garden. It's a very old school herb. You might have some luck in well-stocked Italian grocers(Woodbridge?) with dried leaves or seeds. Celery seed comes close, flavor-wise.

    1. I stopped growing it indoors during the winter because it was very susceptible to white fly or aphids (very tender and succulent). I use celery heart as a substitute, but may try celery seeds for some things as suggested above.

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      1. re: jayt90

        Possible for you to grow it outdoors? It's a vigorous, near bullet-proof perennial and likes sun. Really a pleasure to have around during the summer months.

        1. re: Kagemusha

          Yes, I have had it outside, and will get a seed pack from Richter's or Stokes next year.

        2. re: jayt90

          The old timey way to preserve lovage for winter was to candy the stems. I didn't do any this year, the result is great fun, a bright almost electric green in colour and that subtle almost anise flavour. I've seen candied lovage used as a cocktail straw as it is hollow.

        3. Aprozar Fresh Fruits & Veggies
          3121 Av Sheppard E
          Scarborough, ON M1T 3J7
          (416) 495-7531

          They used to carry it. I have not been there in years so maybe you should give them a call before you go.

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          1. re: blue bike

            Thanks everyone. I'm waiting for a reply from Daniel, an herb supplier who has lovage on their product list. I notice that Richter's will be offering Lovage plants in the spring! I saw a photo of chinese celery and was wondering if it was the same thing?

              1. re: Kagemusha

                Kagemusha-I couldn't find any lovage seeds in the TM catalogue. I was surprised as they are quite comprehensive. Do you know anything about Chinese Celery as a substitute, or are they the same thing?

                1. re: mayaishi

                  T&M varies from year to year, selection-wise. I'd try Richter's for seeds or plants. It's a tough and easy to grow perennial. No, it's not the same as Chinese celery--different scientific names if you check 'em out.

          2. I love lovage;(impossible to find nursery plants here in Massachusetts.) I tasted Chinese celery at a local Thai restnt last wk. and the 2 are much more similar than lovage and any part of the celery plant. Tastes nothing like celery seed either.