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Dec 9, 2010 10:01 AM

Eye of round roast

What's the best way to cook an eye of round beef roast? I would like it to be medium rare, but without the grey ring around the outside. Is there any way to cook it so it's cooked evenly?

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  1. There are over 300 posts on this board related to cooking eye round, but I found this one to be very helpful:

    I tried it with good results, but it took longer for me to do than I'd expected. It may be my oven holding the lower temperature steady. But it was delicious and I'm planning to do it again.

    There will always be some difference between the outside (with most exposure to the heat) and the inside -- but this method was much more even.

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      I was going to point you to the same thread -- the Cooks Illustrated method is foolproof and delicious.

    2. Roast at a low temperature of your choosing between 170*-225*. Sear at the end with a high blast of 450* for 8-10 minutes. As per the Cooks Illustrated Method, you will salt a day before. I recommend you rinse the meat and pat dry before placing in the oven.

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        Agreed: the CI method is very effective, but it's worth rinsing and drying before the cooking, because the exterior can otherwise be too salty (and I say that as a quite salt-friendly person, in general).

      2. Best eye of round I ever prepared was done by using my (modified to maintain proper temperature) crockpot and a foodsaver for a homemade sous vide setup. Flavor and juices stay in the vacuum sealed bag, and the outside of the meat gets a quick browning after the inside is finished - if I remember correctly, it was about 3-4 hours at 130 degrees.