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Dec 9, 2010 09:17 AM

Jazz Bars and or Cafes(good music a must)

My head was spinning trying to figure out the jazz places to go to. Any good suggestions would be helpful. My father use to play the bass fiddle and my uncles were in piano and sax. And what better place to remember my dad while I am here. Thank you in advance.


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    1. The Swan is on my list.
      Also meant to say in Paris.

      1. For me, the music I'm going to hear defines the "where" of where to go. Do you have a list of places where Jazz is normally presented? Are you interested in hearing local cats or visiting artists? Some musicians I know have played recently at the Duc de Lombards club.

        I am not at all familiar with "Swan Bar." I did find this web site that might be of help:

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          There are dozens of little cafes that have jazz for the price of a regular drink, as contrasted to the famous places where you pay 25€ and up for a single, 50-minute set. Most serve food, for better or worse.

          Check out Pariscope (if the strike ever ends) for the more expensive venues. Also the little, free Lylo, online or at record stores, FNAC ticket counters, and some cafes, for the cheap places.

          1. re: RandyB

            Cafe Laurent at the Hotel d'Aubusson, 33, Rue Dauphine, 6th arr. Here's the programme: