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Dec 9, 2010 09:05 AM

Waterlogged frozen fish?

How can I fix this? I bought a couple frozen fish from Kroger that were individually wrapped and frozen. Last time, I made them, I followed the cooking instructions on the package, but they were waterlogged, bland, and boring. Would pressing them between paper towels to remove excess water before cooking be a good idea? I'm thinking of setting them on a rack and putting paper towels on top and under them and using a skillet to add weight. Do you think that this would work? Dinner's in a few hours, and I have no backup plans.

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  1. I thaw my frozen fish in a colander then pat dry with paper towels, always tastes excellent no matter how I cook it. This is fresh from the sea fish I have frozen myself, not sure about Kroger's fish. You'll find lots of great fish recipes on Chowhound.

    1. I think your idea of putting them b/w paper towels is a good one if it is a steaked fish like a tuna. But if you have a fillet it might not hold well under the pressure of a skillet. Maybe for a delicate piece just press firmly with you hand and watch it to make sure you are not damaging it. I do not think the rack is necessary or wise. Just put it on a plate and change out the napkins if it is crazy wet.

      1. I make a double layer of paper towels large enough to fold over the fish and lay them on a plastic tray, then gently wipe excess surface moisture from the fish with my fingers and lay it onto the towels. Fold them over and press - you can feel how hard or gently - and that should make the fish dry enough to cook properly. Cod is pretty tough; mahi-mahi has a tendency for big pieces to split into smaller ones, possibly a problem if you're wanting to grill or panfry it. Some frozen salmon I've had goes mushy when it's thawed, very disappointing but there's nothing much to be done about it but pat it as dry as possible and bake it. Oh, you WILL want to put those towels in the outside trash bin …

        1. I throw frozen fish in frying pan with nothing else to "pre-cook". Once the fish starts to cook and water comes out, I pour out all the water, and then start the real cooking by adding oil, spice, salt, sauce or anything you like.