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Dec 9, 2010 08:54 AM

Ok, obsessing over where I'm eating on Christmas day night!


I hope I made an ok choice on Christmas day night. We made reservations at David Burke's Fishtail. I keep checking to see if they are booked and they are not! Is this a really bad sign? It's late in the game and most places are booked. Big Sigh......

Can anyone make me feel better about my choice??? Should I be checking other restaurants?

We are going to Keen's on Christmas eve and Pastis on Dec. 26th. What do you think about Pastis?


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  1. Pastis is good but their sister restaurant Balthazar is better -- try calling and asking if they have any availability on 12/25. They are indeed serving Christmas Day dinner (saw it on a sign last night).

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      I will call Balthazar for Dec. 26th. Have you heard anything good about fishtail? I wanted to go to oceana for christmas day but they are not open....Any other seafood places to suggest?

      1. re: cperryfranz

        Eater reports that Le Bernardin may be open on Christmas Day...

        Le Bernardin
        155 W. 51st St., New York, NY 10019

    2. No need to fret about Fishtail. I've been a couple of times and enjoyed it very much. I recall having excellent oysters and salmon. Not as hip and happening a part of town, perhaps why it's not booked. It think the intimacy of the setting is lovely for the holiday. Have you searched Fishtail on this board? There are some other favorable reviews.