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Dec 9, 2010 08:14 AM


Going in February . Hotel zone. Where to eat?

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  1. La Palaba Belga Km. 8

    La Distilleria Km.13 Across from Plaza Kukulcan

    Cambalache Km. 9 In the Forum By the Sea Mall

    Calypso's Km. 8.5 near Convention Centre

    Casa Ronaldi Km. 8.5

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    1. re: Deborah

      All authentic Mexican? Price range? Family friendly? I will be with 2anks. kids. Thanks.

    2. Food in the hotel zone is "americanized" and not authentic. Two suggestions for cheap eats that are so good it makes my mouth water thinking about it: Choice #1 is Los Pescados for the best fish tacos known to mankind. Choice #2 is buying pork tacos from the lady in the middle of Soriana (grocery store) - seriously - I'm not kidding. They are to die for. Both are extremely reasonably priced and delish. For a more expensive, out-on-the-town meal, go to La Habichuela - you must have the ceasar salad for starters - the waiter makes the dressing right there in front of you. It's wonderful. None of these three places are in the hotel zone, but all are well known places and you can just get into any taxi and they will take you there. You can pay with debit/credit card at La Habichuela, but you probably need pesos at Soriana or Los Pescados.

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      1. re: tbbeer

        How far away are they from the hotel zone? Are we talking 10 minute cab ride or 30 plus?

        1. re: lilmomma

          Where are you staying? How old are the kids? tbbeer is right that the hotel zone is "americanized". The hotel zone itself is at least 15 km.long so taxi fare would depend on how far you are from downtown. We were in a condo at km. 8.5 and we found some nice restaurants. They are more expensive in the hotel zone. The restaurant tbbeer recommended has a branch downtown and one in the hotel zone.

          1. re: Deborah

            As has been said, authentic Mexican is hard to find. Most of the hotels have pretty good dining rooms.

          2. re: lilmomma

            Depends where YOU are staying in the Hotel Zone...are you staying at Club Med, one of the last hotels in the zone or at one of the places around kilometer 3 or 5?

            1. re: GabachaYucateca

              we are going to solaris. I hope the food at the resort is good. It is hard to tell from the reviews. but I am expecting that i will get bored and will want to go out to eat a few times.

              1. re: lilmomma

                Then you're looking at a bit more in travel time...that hotel is further out in the Hotel Zone.

          3. re: tbbeer

            Los Pescados? Do you mean Los Pescadillos on Yaxchilan? Or Pescado con Limon in Market 28? Can't think of any restaurant named Los Pescados, unless it's some hole-in-the-wall seafood place.

            And when you say pork tacos, do you mean carnitas? There are lots of good places for carnitas in Cancun, don't necessarily need to stand up in the middle of a grocery store to eat them. Tacos Rigo is the most famous in Cancun and a very family friendly restaurant on Avenida Palenque near Market 28.